Wager didn’t cash out

@moderators Ref number. 22101616391794
I placed this wager when it was -1400.
When the odds switched to -900
I cashed out, for a loss of $800. However, the balance never returned to my balance.
I should have $4182 in my account but now it shows the entire wager as a loss.
Please correct this. Thanks.

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The system does not show any attempt of a Cashout. Do you have a screenshot so this can be properly escalated?

No I do not have a screenshot. I don’t take screenshots of my wagers, as I make so many.
I was driving and cashed out once I had lost $800. I’m sure you can see on your end.

I actually do have a screenshot of the after math. I have attached it below.



Will check and get back to you shortly.

As Mikey already suggested, I can’t see any cash out attempts from your end.

Well I did, I hit cash out and it then showed the screen that I have shown you in the screenshot. Please escalate this.

We are seeing no cashout on the end, the result of the wager was a loss sadly.

Loss - Single

Risked USD 3982.00 To Win USD 284.43

  • Nicaise Muamba (-1400)
    • (Live Match) Moneyline
    • Tennis - ITF Canada F1, Men Singles Oct 24, 2022 06:35 PM EDT
    • Jonathan Sorbo vs Nicaise Muamba

No that is unacceptable, as soon as it started going downhill, I cashed out for an $800 loss. You’re not going to tell me I didn’t cash out and take $4000 from me after I just got scammed out of $3,000. I even sent a screenshot (with time stamp) of what it showed me once I hit cash out. If there’s a glitch on your end, that is not my fault. You should honor the cash out attempt.

It would appear the cashout wasn’t accepted then, but I will ask the sports team to check it for you.

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So the reply from the sports team is that they have no way to check if a cashout was actually attempted or not, however should it have been successful then the funds would have credited instantly, which they obviously didn’t. So they can only deduce that the cashout was not attempted or it wasn’t accepted.

Once I clicked cash out the screen went blank as shown in the screenshot I sent you. You have to do something for me please sir, this is a lot of money

I’m afraid this is out of my hands. As I said previously if the cashout was a success then funds would have been credited in real time. So I can only assume it was not successful.

Please escalate this. How is it my fault if it’s not successful? I clicked the cash out button it gave me a check mark and then this blank screen. How am I supposed to know that means it wasn’t successful? Sounds pretty successful to me. Please escalate this issue even higher.

I have already escalated it for you, and advised you of the response. There is nobody I can escalate to other than the sports team.

Then please reescalate. I need some compensation… can I at least get 50% back?!

I’m afraid I cannot give you anything for this.

I have a suggestion on how this could be verified/resolved. OP has sent a screenshot with a timestamp and given details, namely that he attempted cash out when odds were -900. Internally, Bovada/the sports team might have access to datapoints that portray the live line movements for this particular match. So, theoretically, if at 6:26 pm the line for this match was indeed @ -900, there’s a high chance he is telling the truth and is deserving of compensation.