Wager not settled

Hello Bovada
Wager 23031704119115
I placed a wager on table tennis spread -2.5 on 5th set. Wager settled as loss and referring to below website which score not updated properly.

As, per rules table tennis score has to reach 11 points and but in above link score is not updated 10 points only.
Below are the alternatives websites. which is provided by bovada agent

5th set score is 11-8 wager should be WIN

@moderators @Brooke_Bovada please help me on this

@Mikey_Bovada can you please help me on this

We will have this reviewed and then get back to you.

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Thank you!

The Sports Team reported that the wager is correctly settled and is settled according to these results:


In this website score not updated properly.
As peer table tennis there will be a 11th point. can you please help me on this

Kindly please help on this

I resent the wager and it has been fixed, thanks for your patience.

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Thanks @Mikey_Bovada

Hello Bovada, @Mikey_Bovada or anyone that can help. This bet has finished and usually I get paid out by now after the bet is finished. If anyone can help get this resolved,

Ref. 23031705563659

Thank you!

This was settled

@moderators please close this
Thank You!

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