Wager Settlement Delays

Hi Guys,

We have been informed by the Sports Team that they are currently experiencing delays with wager settlements. They are working on this and will let us know when everything is back to normal. Thanks for your patience.

Games constantly grayed out/bets being graded incorrectly is becoming far too common. Not sure how they mess up grading bets so quickly and take hours to correct. Ridiculous


Still waiting on mine to be settled, has been 3 days

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Anybody know why I bet Dallas moneyline 3 days ago and still have not been settled! It’s considered an open bet ! But the losses are immediately posted to my account ! What’s going on

@VicBroady your wager is on the 'NBA Playoffs Series Prices " so it will only be settled once there is a winner in the series

Finessed me! Wow

Is this effecting cash out options as well? I’ve been trying to cash out of a tennis bet for the last 1/2 hour and cannot even see my open bets. I would like to cash out now with the last match in progress. Frustrating

It literally says “money line” I too bet on it thinking it was just the game cuz y would I bet on a 3-0 series win

Had it just been on the one game; the odds would not have been anywhere close to what you are getting on them to win the series. This is generally a way to notice it too

Got two bets that haven’t been settled on 4/28. Can someone look into them?

@Rio904 These are series wagers, so they will settle once the series is completed.

Hello, I placed a couple small wagers on the NFL Draft special in regard to the Lions 6th and 18th pick. Being that they traded the 6th pick can we please get this voided out and settled as a no bet?

Okay, so my bet was ruled a loss even though I bet on a SINGLE game in a series on 4/28 (which was a WIN for SAC) but today I looked at my bet slip and it said I bet on the game today 4/30 which had a completely different outcome. WHAT IS GOING ON?

Please provide the wager number for this to be reviewed.