Wager Settlement

I won a ticket yet you haven’t reflected my winnings! What’s the deal and when will I see it

Ill check on this for you now.

@Jduke1128 This should now be settled.

Can you explain how two voids led to the settlement amount when the pay out was 24k

It would drop to a 12 team and the odds re-calculated.

Does this mean I need to bet 14 dollars in order to withdraw my funds

Yes it does. Either a wager or $14 on casino

Wow amazing hit man!! Nicely done!

Have waited well over an hour for wagers to be graded today.

Can you please provide the wage reference number?

Ref. PROPS-112976931

Please grade, all these had goals or assists over half hour ago

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Will take a look at this now @Trenthanson

23101831499869 Need this graded ASAP!!!

This has been settled.

Hey Mods can you please settle my Oregon live over 17.5 points at the half wager they already cashed it like 20 minutes ago thanks in advance mods

If you still need help with this can you please provide a wager number

@moderators please grade 23101840891336 as no action. Game was cancelled a while ago due to spectator riots. Thanks :slight_smile:

Checking on the wager.

My 4 team parlay was settled as a loss. I reviewed all of my picks and I won. Please help, I can provide proof.

Ref. PROPS-117311589