Wager Settlements 2

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Note that unfortunately this wager is actually a series wager and will have to wait until they’ve played it out to grade. As they are playing 3 games I believe Oakland will have to win one other game for this to be graded as a win. You can se this detailed as ’ MLB Series Prices - First 3 Games’ in the wager.

ah my mistake grabbed wrong line - thanks for clarity

Can’t figure out why i haven’t gotten paid for the San Diego Padres win yesterday, had the moneyline. Ref. 22041512710454

The response I have replied to would also apply here as you unfortunately didn’t choose the moneyline. This is a series wager ‘MLB Series Prices - First 3 Games’

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Ah thank you. can you explain what that means, they have to win 2 out of 3 games?

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Correct, they’ll have to essentially win the series.

thank you very much

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Please settle this parlay Ref. 22041513074948

Checking on this right now.

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22041513125080 Thx

Checking for you now

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Hey everyone we are aware of an issue right now with some settlement delays. These are being looked at and should hopefully be resolved soon.

No update even after an hour?

The updates will be provided HERE as it is related to this issue it seems.

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Hello. Wager Ref. 22041513175456 was incorrectly graded last night. In the play-in game between BKN Nets and CLE Cavaliers on 12 April 2022, I bet “Team Props - CLE Cavaliers Total Rebounds Under 43.5 (-110)” and was subsequently graded as a LOSS. However, according to the official NBA box score here (https://www.nba.com/game/cle-vs-bkn-0052100101/box-score), the CLE Cavaliers had 40 total rebounds and thus this wager should be a WIN. Let me know if you need anything else.

@bryanthales Welcome to the Community. At the moment we’re having some issues with opening customer accounts and this is currently being looked at. This will unfortunately have to wait until that is fixed. I apologize for the delay but will get this looked at when it is back.

Hi @bryanthales,

We have escalated this and it’s being worked on, please keep an eye on the account as we are working as quickly as we can to get everything sorted.

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22041513783799 can we check this one? Brewers won 4-2 i played Brewers Win/Under 8.5 settled incorrectly as a LOSS. tysm mods

Looks like it was corrected quickly. Thanks guys

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I would like Ref. 22041509256957 and Ref. 22041509113089 settled