Wager Settlements

Welcome to the community @Andytmartin7 and apologies for the delay. Your wagers have since been settled.

Awesome, thank you

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I have a match that ended an hour ago. It was graded then went back to unsettled. The weird thing is the spread was graded already but the over under has not. Here’s the ref number
Thank you

@Kman0207 I’ll have a look.

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Thank you @Matty_Bovada

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@Kman0207 my pleasure

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I have a win that hasn’t went through since Bovada crashed. It’s the e game one.

@Melomyke I’ll take a look into the open bet.

Wager not graded. Ref 20031130917242

Just got graded now

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Hello all,

Can you please grade 20031130923217

Thanks in advance.




I can see that this was settled earlier on, sorry for the delay!

Please grade wager Ref. 20031130787205 it’s been a few days- and they won.

I’ll pass it onto our Sports team for them to look into.

I’ve got a parlay in which one of the matches didn’t take place and the other one won. Can I just get paid for the one bet? Ref. # 20031130995579

I’ve escalated this wager to our Sports team, and as soon as they receive official confirmation regarding the event cancellation they’ll be able to settle the remaining selection for you.

Awesome, Thanks

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The wager has now been fixed @Andytmartin7

Hey can you guys also take a look at Ref. 20031130957469. The Evengy Kopot game was cancelled. Everything else won

It happened again. I guess I should be done betting on that league. Ref. # 20031131007857 and 20031131021834