Wager Settlements

Sorry for the late replies @Andytmartin7 and @rpgray,

We have gone ahead and escalated these wagers with the results to our Sports Team. Hopefully it won’t be much longer before they’re settled.

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They just settled it, thanks @Ryan_Bovada!

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They only settled one of mine

@Andytmartin7, We have been notified that one of the wagers is still not yet settled, but should be shortly.

Gotcha, thanks. You guys are so much more helpful than doing the stupid chat! Ha

Still nothing on # 20031131007857

Apologies again for the late reply, but I have now once again escalated this wager to our sports team. Hopefully the resettlement will come through shortly and I apologize for this lengthy delay.

Could you escalate this please # 20031131202412

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We’ve escalated the results of the games with your wager to our sports team and the settlement should be coming in soon.

Can you escalate 20031131279095 please

Hey @Andytmartin7, the wager has since been settled.

@Andytmartin7 I’m sorry to hear about that. We’ll have a look.

I’ve got two wagers that need to be graded # 20031131573331 and 20031131584481. Thanks

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@Andytmartin7 I’ll have a look and send them to my sports team.

So no action is considered a loss now? Are you guys changing your rules or what?

@Andytmartin7 A no action in a parlay will reduce the parlay however since there was a loss in the parlay; the whole parlay is grade a loss

The match that is marked a loss wasn’t played either…

So only one of the three was actually played and that was a win

I’ll have a further look and send you a PM when I receive an update.

Alright Thanks