Week 3 NFL 2021 Survivor Pool

Ravens stomp out the Lions.

I don’t know when the Lions win their first game.

Don’t know how you could be confused. Pick one winning team for the week. Pretty simple


Going for Cleveland

Going for Baltimore

You click one radio button per week. What is confusing and time-consuming? I think it’s about as easy as it can get.


Yup and the Jets are just as bad

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Is it normal for games to be missing from the sports betting page? Yesterday all 16 NFL games were listed with spreads and lines, but right now only 14 are there. The Bears-Browns and Dolphins-Raiders games are missing. Do they pull games off the list if there is news and they want to redo the spreads? I rarely bet on sports so this is new to me. Thanks.

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You pretty much nailed it on the head here. The lines were likely removed now that Tua has officially been ruled out and Fields ruled in.

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They’ll likely be posted back soon enough once our Book Manager’s can adjust the lines based off this information.

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Thanks! I’m glad it wasn’t me! My first assumption was I wasn’t clicking something right.

Clevland to win

i mostly agree with the picks that ppl have thrown out there in this thread i think the denver game might be closer than some might expect i think the easy option this week is Radiers for the win at home vs Dolpins just my opinion. other options might be Ravens or cardinals

Broncos for the W

Dolphins suck

Broncos for me! Thanks again!

Raiders for an easy move to week 4

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Buffalo Bills

@moderators how many people picked Carolina tonight

We’ll have an idea once the poll closes in about 30 minutes

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