What happened to 10's or better video poker?

I also notice many other video poker games suddenly missing… what is going on ???


Yeah it seems games are disappearing and reappearing left and right. Golden Tiger was there then a month back disappeared and then a week ago came back and today it’s gone. Random jackpot was over 25k too. @moderators any insights you can offer here?


been around here over 10 years… first time i’ve seen games just disappear without any notice or even an explanation after… wondering whats going on at Bovada right now…for sure.

The Virtual Burning Roulette has been doing the same thing. Multiple times a week it just vanishes, like it has today.

We will check this out and let you know.

thanks , i submitted a help ticket… they said they would contact me within 48 hours… we are on day 4 now…

As far as I’m seeing the ticket was not summited due to lack of required information.

Can you please clarify the following information:
Are you using Mobile? Y/N
Is it a Desktop? Y/N
We would need your Operating System:
Internet Service Provider:
Finally Location information:

I am using windows pc

Using frontier fiber internet

In los Angeles…California.

The game was there until a week ago .now it’s gone …this is a backend problem…not a client issue…IMO

Thank you, we’ve forwarded this for a review. Can you confirm if you have tried this via mobile?

Yes I have still no 10s or better video poker

any update on this? is the game coming back? I mean I can just play it at all the other online casinos that have it…but would prefer to play it at bovada… just let me know please…


The game has been removed is about as much as we can tell you.

thanks for the help… it would have been nice to get a notice beforehand…but anyway the game is gone for good i guess…


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