What if the casino gods. ?,

If i hit a huge jackpot of 50K or more im gonna start a daily game on here where i donate at least $100 a day back to the players here. Surely thats allowed right? Ill with 25K and leave 25K in until its gone from donations. If its 80K then split 40/40K . How many of you would do something similar, take the money and run or get get greedy and lose it all ?

Be honest thanks


love the caring but we all gamblers here …, give money back to a gambler :joy:

U take it easy buddy


Running all day long

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I would definitely do that . I already player transfer to someone at least once a week, when I’m up. I’ve yet to have anyone do it for me :joy:


Love the honesty

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Your break is coming hang in there and keep doing you!

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Thanks you angel :slight_smile:

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I definitely would not be greedy with, but my kids and grandkids could sure use the help. I would fs put my family first

Gambling money dissipates so easy that once I make a deposit I consider it, and any winnings, play money so long as they haven’t hit my bank account (which is nearly never :sweat_smile:). So, I would definitely be willing to do something like this. I already do PT’s as it is to help a fellow gambler pass the time until their next deposit. Though not $100’s worth. More like free spins bonus worth :sweat_smile: I shall definitely not keep the donated money in my Bovada account though. That would be too much of a risk that I would gamble it away. I’d probably ask if they could make like a mock account to hold the money in.

@officialcamogirl This has been done before. Not a lot but it has.


I have a couple friends here I give 10 percent of my wins to consistently. If its a big amount sometimes 20 percent.


The way some people hit around here, I’d just take a 1% kind of friend. :joy::joy::joy: they’re over here spinning my monthly income in a night. Nevermind some of these YouTube gamblers. I couldn’t fathom 100$ spins let alone four figures and up.


That’s awesome

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OMG Right!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Sometimes I wonder what some of these people are going for here. Like, my lil’ self here, get on a slot praying to the slots’ gods for a hefty down payment for a house. And these guys be having 3x what I could ever dream of, just sitting there on their accounts, full of spins and giggles. :joy:

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This is a very nice gesture on your part. Bless your heart.

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So where is the casino gods’ temple? I have a dire need to go pray to the gods at the temple. I don’t think they’re hearing my prayers from home! :weary:

@Triguenita There was a give away sometime last week I believe. Keep an eye out they do randomly pop up on the community.

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Can’t believe I missed it! I come on here every day. I shall keep my eyes peeled. :no_mouth:

@Triguenita No worries.

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I would for sure do that 🫣😇