What's your Current Favorite TV Shows?

What’s your current favorite tv show? What show can’t you wait to see each week?

For me there’s a few set on the DVR

The Blacklist and Snowfall I can’t miss either of these!!!


I’m a sucker for some good reality TV shows. I will always watch Survivor and Big Brother when they are on. I’ve even migrated to watching ‘Australian Survivor’ as well.

Favorite show of all time has to be ‘The League’ on FX. That was peak comedy when it was on television.


Mannnnn snowfall is so good right!

I like The Rookie, Snowfall, S.W.A.T…I. think those 3 are in my rotation right now.


MAS*H is the best


I only started watching game of thrones last year and ended up watching all seasons within a few months, I’m looking forward to the spinoff


Hooked on snowfall at the moment!


Blacklist, Big Brother, and Young Sheldon lol

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Just finished latest seasons of Marvelous Ms.Maisel and drive to survive. Waiting for the prequel to GOT.

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I’m a bit of of a reality junkie as well, starting watching Big Brother and the Challenge the last few years.

First favorite ongoing shows that come to mind are probably The Boys, Better Call Saul, and a lot of the recent Disney star wars/marvel stuff. I also still am currently keeping up with the Walking Dead as much as that has pretty much jumped the shark :disappointed_relieved:

Apparently I need to watch Blacklist and Snowfall, going to add them to the binge list.


I pretty much only watch Live Sports (and recorded MLS matches), while my wife watches about every variety of “How to Kill your Spouse and Get Away with it” show on ID network.

There really isn’t a sport I won’t watch, all the major ones, the Parkour Tag stuff, Dodgeball, Cornhole, we watched Marble Races together as a family during COVID when sports were non-existent, etc. I worked from home a few weeks ago and saw a sport I had never watched before, Kabaddi, it’s like a team based game of Tag, popular on the Indian subcontinent.


The Jelle’s Marble races are hilarious. When Covid first happened and everything shut down ESPN was playing such random events. I remember watching the Tetris and Spikeball Championships.



Yes! When one marble fell out of the holder on to the track and started rolling away and the announcer was like “We have a streaker.” And they sent 2 security marbles after it, we were all dying laughing. I guess that shows just where we were in this world without sports and during COVID. Trying to find humor anywhere.

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For me it’s Last Kingdom and Blacklist, Think I’m going to check out Snowfall.

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I’m actually a DVR’s best friend because I put it to great use. Super late night watching and my favorite, watch the shows while commercials are on for sporting events.

I watch all of these and have never missed an episode

Blacklist – This is the last season
Better Call Saul – Coming back for a final season in April
Snowfall – This is the last season
All the FBI shows - Most Wanted and International as well. Was sad to see them kill off Jess but it was planned, he wanted off the show. Will be interesting to see where this goes.
CSI Vegas


The Expanse - had no choice but to watch the final three seasons here.

Paramount Plus

Star Trek Discovery
Mayor of Kingstown – This was really good
The Game – Football related
Texas 6 – This was really interesting and while not all encompassing, it was pretty accurate and a documentary of such. Strawn Strong !!!
1883 - I found this is a prequel to Yellow Stone of which I’ll have to ultimately watch. This one will capture your heart and bring tears, even this guy had them. It is very endearing and you’ll want to binge this one. I was forced to wait weeks to see the latest episode but they are all available.

Huge amount of shows and I have a ton sitting on the DVR but I find other shows that interest me as well. History of Food is very interesting for things we take for granted today.

History of the ACC Tournament was like reliving my youth! That was on the ACC Network.

I’m up late and up early more often than not and like I said with all the sports I watch, I utilize the commercials and halftime accordingly.

Did I mention WWE and AEW !!! I fast forward a lot through those, a three hour broadcast, I typically watch 20 minutes of it. Most I’m not interested in because the characters aren’t appealing. Woooooooo !!!


I’m into the HGTV stuff. But sometimes can’t wait for the next south park

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LOVE 9-1-1. Have you watched the spin-off?
I’ve been big on all the Chicago series (med, fire, police)
Currently attempting to watch them all in chronological order. It’s been months and I’m only halfway through. There’s like 1,000 total episodes.


Hahaha dude this is an extensive list hahahahaha

It is, but a lot of it is over for the season right now. The Game, Texas6, Mayor of Kingstown and Better Call Saul.

I can’t believe I forgot to add to the list Mayan’s MC !!! That is starting back up in April as well!

The question regarding 9-1-1 from @Gtaeyler is no I haven’t watched the spin off. Any good?

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Better in its own way… I love it

Naked and afraid
Love after Lockup
Love during lockup
Drugs inc
Locked up abroad
King of queens
Pam and Tommy series on Hulu was :fire::fire::fire:

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