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What are you trying to explain doesn’t make no sense because you don’t want to pay. But even though you say all that I will not all 116813 k but when I make my calculations I get between 34000 to 56000 k

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Win - 16 Team Parlay >
Indiana Pacers +10.5 (-450)
Atlanta Hawks @ Indiana Pacers
Oklahoma City Thunder 12.5 (-380)
Oklahoma City Thunder @ Chicago Bulls
Inter Milan -1, -1.5 (-157)
Inter Milan vs Hellas Verona
Lens -1, -1.5 (-140)
Lens vs AJ Auxerre
Braga-1, -1.5 (-140)
raga vs Boavista
Monaco -1, -1.5 (-108)
Monaco vs AC Ajaccio
Toulouse 0, -0.5 (-130)
Toulouse vs Brest
Golden State Warriors -5.5 (-185)
Golden State Warriors @ San Antonio Spurs
Minnesota Timberwolves +4.5 (-400)
Phoenix Suns @ Minnesota Timberwolves
Sacramento Kings -6.5 (-170)
Houston Rockets @ Sacramento Kings
Aston Villa -1, -1.5 (+210)
Aston Villa vs Leeds United
Brentford-1, -1.5 (+138)
Brentford vs Bournemouth
Napoli -1, -1.5 (+245)
Napoli vs Juventus
AC Milan 0, -0.5 (-230)
Lecce vs AC Milan
Marseille -1, -1.5 (-125)
Marseille vs Lorient
Monza +1, +1.5 (-675)
Cremonese vs Monza

  • $48.22
    $ 48.52
    What that means for you

I’m will honest with you if don’t get as soon possible I will give the case to a lawyer. Because I get all information I need now to pass in to legal action so I get pay what win .

I don’t know what you’ve discussed but ill explain how it should be paid off that helps

Since you have quarter ball bets ( -1, -1.5 etc ) that jmeans half of your bet is on each number for the parlay

You have multiple quarter ball bets that lost of the .5 spead meaning that half of the parlay is a loser leaving the other half

Of the money wagered on the parlay you had multiple pushes meaning those arent a win or a loss

This leaves you with a winning team parlay of


Which pays anout 122 to 1

So take half of what you bet times 122

That should be your win

So if you bet 10 bucks you’d take 5 times 122 to get a 610 dollar win ( for example )

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This was already explained, and the settlement is correct.
I’ll be more than happy to provide a complete breakdown of the wager if you are still not understanding.

If you bet $48. The win should be around $2900. IT’s still a fantastic win. There was just a lot of pushes. Would’ve been nice if more hit.

The win was $48 not the wager!

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Oh got it now!

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I won my bet last night with the heat and nuggets and funds still haven’t posted and the bet is still sitting in the “BET SLIP” area and I placed that bet at 5am June 4 so it’s definitely not a late bet and I need my winnings

@Gevon2426 Can you provide the wager number please?

You need to click it and the next screen will show the long wager number. This is what they need.

If it is the Miami Heat wager you are referring to, that’s a series wager, so you need to wait until the series ends .

That’s a wager on Miami to win the series.

Why does it say for the game at -2.5 and why was my friend paid out right after the game on the same bet?

It says series prices at the bottom.

Ok so I still won that game so at the end of the series I should be paid out

You have wagered on Miami to win the series.

bro read right there you see, “finals game spread” not game 2 spread

So why the hell the -2.5 spread if it wasn’t for the game but yea ok