Why can’t I see all bets on bet slip?

I’ve been playing bets every night since Monday on ufc for Today ($125) over the last week I can see on my transactions, but can only see 30$ in bets I made on my bet slip and am panicking my bets won’t count, I can only see them in my transactions. Is there a limit on the bet slip showing? I made a lot of 1$ parlays maybe this is why? Will my bets count? Thank In advance for fast response @mods I’m panicking

@Matty_Bovada @mods

Apologies for the late response. @mods will not notify us!
Please let us know if you still need help.

Hi there yes I need help, I have money in bank and it wouldn’t let me deposit yesterday with the same debit card I always use. When this happens to my younger brother in my same house you guys literally call him on the phone some how and give him a bonus. Was wondering if I’m available for this bonus and why I never get calls or bonuses and I showed him the website and he gets treated like a king where I’ve gotten one free play a year ago when your site was down for a week. So yea I deposit every day, couldn’t last night after work and expect to be comped for it today because I know you do it. Thanks.

@Paul_Bovada @mods

We sent you a PM.