Withdrawal funds are locked

Won my 7 leg parlay lastnight but the funds are locked? Why is this and what do i have to do in order to withdraw my winnings? I used a bonus during deposit also.

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Your funds are locked until you complete the bonus. But you have some wiggle room around it. If your locked funs are at an amount your willing to forfeit your bonus funds you can do that. You go to bonuses. Click on bonus descriptions and you can forfeit your bonus. The good thing is the system uses your raw cash first before your bonus funds. So if you hit something big with your raw cash it will not be linked to bonus balance. If you used any oart of your bonus to hit the parlay then it will lock the full winnings under bonus funds.

Also make sure you have gambled more then what you deposited. If you deposited 500$ you need to gamble at least 500$ over all your bets after that deposit so your withdraw dose not bounce back and declined. This is for money laundering reasons.

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If you desire to forfeit your bonus, pay attention to the amount of bonus funds vs. locked funds. The locked funds should be safe but your bonus funds will be the amount subject to forfeiture.

As mentioned above, due to AML, make sure you have played through your deposit amount at least 100%

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I have $800 in locked funds and 12.70 in bonus funds, if i forfeit the bonus will my $800 in locked funds become available to withdraw?

Yes it will become available

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