Withdrawal wagering full amount

I went to withdraw the 2500 i won legally to my Etherium account. Now ive been told i have to wager the full amount. Is this correct?

@Slychicken1 You are require to complete a 1x rollover of your most recent deposit in it’s entirety before a withdrawal can be approved. This would be to fulfill the Anti-money Laundering policy.

I have to gamble my winnings to get my winnings

@Slychicken1 You’ll need to play your deposited amount before you can withdraw.

Will there be a countdown to the end of the 2500 or will i have to note what i play?

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I’m afraid there won’t be a count down. However, you can reach out to moderators and we’ll provide you with your progress.

Pardon me Lillian, is this legal? No offense meant

I believe i over the 2400 dollar withdrawal amount for 1x withdrawal bet. Can i get a verification please?

@Slychicken1 Yes it is.

You can read more about it by clicking here.

Thank you. Do i have to withdraw the 2400 again to my Etherium or will Bovada go ahead and ok it?

@Slychicken1 You will need to resubmit your request once ready.

Thank you.

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