10x Vegas jackpot (twice in 1 night)

Hahaha! Man, wonder what that feels like doing 120 dollar pulls. I do 4 dollars and am worried it’s too much!


It’s all part of marketing. If people knew that they can’t win here, people would not play here. So… “someone” has to win.


Started with $500 player transfer I bought from @GoFins03 . $9 spins on 10x Vegas. Hit something crazy then I ALWAYS move to another game after a big hit (idk why but feel like this is key to sustaining the wins). Rinse and repeat. Finally went back to 10x Vegas spinning $120 / spin then hit these beauties. Switched games again , lost a lot, then got the 500x on Rheels and wheels spinning $200/spin. That was the night essentially.


Congrats man! What were you wagering when you hit each slot?

Thanks for the info man. Always nice to know someone’s process. I hope you continue crushing it.