10x Vegas jackpot (twice in 1 night)

• What are your initials? MGG
• How long have you been with us? Few years
• What was your winning game and amount? Won the 10 x Vegas Jackpot twice within a few hours last night - $124,784 & $11,979
• Was this your first big win online? No this is the 4th time I’ve won this jackpot in the past 2 months
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? Who knows anymore :joy:

Also won 100k on Rheels XL with some play around money last night/ this morning


Nice hits, congrats!


Damn bro you’re on a volcano you are well past a heater!!

Your new nicknames break down should be :
All day I dream about stacks -adidas
All day I dream about six figures -adidas


Holy crap. That’s amazing.

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Shine bright like a diamond


That is incredible you are a bovada LEGEND that is a story we need for the community members because it can happen :two_hearts::white_check_mark: BIG MONEY BABY!!
Enjoy your winnings run far ass you can lol have a bless day… and remember we are up next😂


That is some crazy winning. Adidas is my favorite brand too. Maybe rub some of that luck to me :slight_smile: Congrats!


Congrats man! Unbelievable run!

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Pretty crazy to win 2 tomes in one night man awesome

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I wish I could read his inbox right now.


That is epic. Congrats man

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Thanks for the well wishes everyone! You’re time will come too! There’s been many a days I’ve been frustrated that nothing was hitting. All about right time and right place ! Hope everyone hits it big!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S - to the guy who scammed me (not gonna name him) for $1000 last week - and you know who you are - all I can say is …treat others wel & fair and karma will treat you well in the long run. Hope you enjoy that $1000.


How did you get scammed? Was it through buying or selling a player transfer or something? I always wondered how transfers work (who sends first? How is it for sure both parties receive funds?) I feel like there has to be an open trust that people are just going to do the right thing.

Anyways congrats again on your wins. I would do dirty things for a win 1/4 that size. Well done!

Ill sum it up

" gimme gimme gimme"

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are you sure you are not a BOVADA employee? :joy:

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What’s was your starting balance before you hit all these jackpots??? And do you always start spinning big or do you start slow

Damn!! Nice. Congrats!! May i touch yiu with this text for some of that luck!? :laughing: :money_mouth_face::grin:

Well, saw this post…decided to give it a go….AND IT DIDNT FAIR WELL FOR ME!

I feel like that’s why the big win gallery was created :joy:

We’re you doing 120 dollar pulls??

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