10X Vegas Jackpot Win!

Can’t believe I finally hit a Jackpot here playing only $1.50!! Thank you!!


Wow!!! Awesome. Congrats.

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How long you been playing slots? I can’t imagine hitting that big.

For a couple of years here. Most I’ve ever won was an hourly Hot Drop for $3k. I normally play max $4 a spin and only if I’m winning normally like $1-$2 a spin. Didn’t think it was real at first! :blush:


Hell ya! Congrats on the big win! On $1.50 bet too, freakin awesome! :100::100::beers::beers::shamrock::tada::tada::tada:

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Never seen you post on here !

@CARSENAULT74 Congratulations! I hope to hit a jackpot some day

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I’ve posted on here plenty of times just never had a jackpot win!!

Nice banger!!! Congrats!!

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Good hits!!

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Nice hit congrats!

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So I finally hit something in slots after losing for years. I start to withdraw and then bovada suddenly asked me for identity verification for the first time, despite me having a host who I talk to your weekly. So I go through the verification process get to the point where it wants to take a picture of my face and it doesn’t work. The technology Bovada uses broke down. It wouldn’t take my picture in the little oval space. Now I’m being told I have to wake up to 48 hours to hear back on what I can do next to verify my identity. So I’m being installed on taking my winnings out due to a technological air in Bovada ‘s identity verification site. Seems awfully convenient 48 hours. I can lose it all back. Why do they never ask Brittany verification as you’re making deposits?


Hi, @Jimmymac324 first of all, congratulations on your big win! It’s truly exciting to see and I can imagine you’re looking forward to receive those funds. When it comes to verification, it’s also mentioned in our Terms Of Service that we may ask you to send additional documents for verification at any time, and this is for the sake of security of your own funds and account of course. Hopefully your documents will be processed in no time, thank you for your patience!

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I will send a blood sample I don’t mind. It’s the 24 to 48 hour wait after the verification technology failed when I was trying to take a picture in the oval box. I would let somebody FaceTime me video call me so you could see my face if I could get this resolved cause I don’t wanna keep the money on the account. Instead, I have to wait for review process that only happened because the technology use failed now because I wasn’t willing to provide any and all information required.

I’m glad that you’re cooperating with this, it’s just our security team has their own procedures, which, in this case, would be sending the documents, and they have their own queue of cases and they handle it accordingly. Unfortunately this is the only way this can be done and it needs some time.

It’s ironic after years of depositing lots of money losing, I was never asked for identity verification, but the minute I win now it’s being used to delay me receiving my funds. I would understand if I wasn’t ready to send whatever is needed, but I tried, and your technology failed. So now I’m penalized waiting 24 to 48 hours. I hope you can see how bad that looks that you don’t require identity verification when someone’s depositing thousands and thousands over the years you only require at the minute they’re trying to take money out that they finally won. Seems very fishy to me. I have a personal host who calls me or hears my kids in the background. He knows who I am. This is very frustrating. Talk about a buzz kill after finally winning some money.

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Host and security team are two seperate departaments. This is nothing personal nor are you penalized - and yes, additional verification is especially neccessary when it comes to withdrawing big amount of funds - to ensure it gets to you safely.

Ok good news this has been resolved. Don’t want to be person that complains but doesn’t report it’s fixed. Thanks for dealing with my anxiety


Congrats on that nice win and glad u were able to get that cashout movin! Good to see a longtime forum member gettin some nice hits! Hell yah! Hope more big hits to come!! :+1::beers::shamrock::shamrock::shamrock:


Currently dealing with the same issue, how long did it take to get resolved?