137k on Reels and Wheels XL

• What are your initials? K
• How long have you been with us? 5ish years
• What was your winning game and amount? 137k on Reels and Wheels
• Was this your first big win online? I’ve won a few smaller progressives but this is the biggest
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? New golf clubs


New golf clubs?

Honma celebrated their 60th anniversary with the release of their 5-Stars 60th Anniversary set . They generously include a driver, two fairways, a hybrid, seven irons, two wedges, a putter, and a leather golf bag. This set will only set you back $59,999.99 if you are even able to find someone to sell you one.


That’s it only 137k?



How much was ur bet


$5 spins at the time


Congrats wish it was me beem playing for years yet to hit any jp


Alright you guys build it back up so I win it next time

No one thinks it’s suspicious his name is golfer 87 and he talks about buying golf clubs. Clearly this isn’t a real person who won


The golf clubs answer was certainly a bit sketchy. Past that I don’t know

Lucky one!! Enjoy me and a bunch of others dream of seeing this one day!!

Won big today on Cleo

Congrats bro. Alwys a pleasure trading with you.

I don’t ever win big and I’ve put a lot of money into this website. Good for you though that is an awesome win !

exactly… no way someone winning that much money talks about buying some dumb golf clubs.

Congrats to you. Ive never played a round of golf, but i love watching the tournaments. My dad was an avid golfer. We went to the driving range a few times and i couldnt believe how hard it was to hit that little ball. Dad told me i was swinging it like a bat. My hands and forearms hurt so bad i never went back. I bought my clubs from a pawnshop since i didnt want to invest on something id never done, and they did not let me down. Everytime i swung the driver the end would fly off. We laughed so hard we almost peed our pants

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Congratulations bro!