175k Cleo Jackpot

• What are your initials PK
• How long have you been with us? 1 Year
• What was your winning game and amount? 175k A Night with Cleo
• Was this your first big win online? Yes
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? Taking my family to Disney World.


Wow that’s a super hit. Congrats!

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On a $1 bet with $50 in his account…




No shit! Congratulations! How recent was this!?

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How do you hit a jackpot? It is random or you have to hit a special combination of figures? Thanks

Its Random

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Great win! Congratulations!

After Disney World, you will have about $16 left. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Just joined aye? No surprise there.


How often do you play here?

I bet sports mainly, i play slots here and there. I played because i got a bonus for a deposit.


Onlooker… given how much that win was you don’t seem too excited.

I’d be ■■■■ing excited beyond belief. Life changing for me.

If I ever win 6 figures I’ll give away 10% to community given how tough things are on here


How you manage to judge an individuals excitement through one message is beyond me.

It’s akin to how everyone always attacks these people as fakes because they are “new to the community/new to bovada” and then people get confused why most who win don’t care to share their experience.

On a final note that attempt to guilt trip someone for wining by subtlety suggesting that you would donate 10 percent to the community is on another level, don’t you deposit/lose like 6 figures every year? You might as well give like 10% to the community since you give it to bovada anyway? Hell that’s what I would do if I had the funds to deposit 6 figures a year.

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Facts. I don’t do slots but if I ever hit another 10 leg for 35+ I most definitely would share. I just paid off my school loans with it

I’m confused as to how my message could even potentially anger someone ?

My point is… good for the guy but I’d be so fking beyond excited that I’d be typing in all caps or it would somehow be obvious. Yes , I do spend a lot here but I’ve never won even a small percentage of what that guy has seen in one spin . I can’t even imagine. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. I don’t know-- at least I think it’s cool. Good for him.

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No one’s angry bud, I think the gambling is messing with your head.

Just WOW! This is absolutely amazing. Congratulations!

Does anyone know for this particular game if the Jackpot is some specific line combinations that equate to winning the jackpot - or if it is completely random?

Goals! Happy for you bro

Definitely goals. If that ever happened to me I’d be so happy to give back to my family and friends I probably couldn’t contain myself . Amazing


Yeah I would randomly give people $500+ without a question


Agreed. That’s what life is all about man. Sadly I’m just not at a position to do that right now