1st ever Bovada Olympic pick em competition

Hey everyone! Just a heads up. Im going to be running out first ever Bovada Olympics! The games are quickly approaching and Bovada has given me the go ahead to host a competition

In the coming days i will be posting the specifics but the general idea is that i will be posting 15 events ( both team and individual )

You will be asked to pick the medalists


That’s it. Thats all you’ll need to do

I will track the picks and award points based on your picks accuracy ( specifics on points will be announced in the next day or two )

After the Games the top 3 players with the most total points will be awarded the title of Bovada Olympic Champions and get bonuses awarded to them

There will also be bonuses for the players who get the most Gold medal picks right, most Silver medal picks right and most Bronze medal picks right

The total payout for this competition is dependent on how many of YOU participate

149 or less will be 1000 total prize pool
150 or more will be 1500 total prize pool

Just wanted to make everyone aware this was coming

Events will be posted on the next 24-48 hours and you will have until 7/26 ( the opening ceremony ) to get the picks in

Let’s crown some champions!


Bud, you do so much for us. Thank you!! You are appreciated immensely.


Awesome ty


Another great competition idea! Thanks for all you do @Rmilia1


MVP! Thanks for this :wave:

As it turns out being a blind stay at home day gives you all kinds of time to brainstorm ideas

And watch soap operas… but that’s neither here nor there


Awesome idea @Rmilia1 cant wait!

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This is cool! Thanks for running this competition @Rmilia1!

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