$2 Spin $17k Win

• What are your initials? MH
• How long have you been with us? Since Bodog
• What was your winning game and amount? Night with Cleo Hot Drop
• Was this your first big win online? No
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? No idea


Nice I still wanna see someone post the big one though

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Nice to see people actually winning on hot drops. I’ve won one time the hourly $2,000. Would love to see all the winners of the big hot drops wins.

Especially the big $200,000 - $300,000 pot for hitting at least what appears once every other day - somehow doesn’t seem to create many, if any, winning posts on here. Been pretty sus

Good luck’

nice win,congrats!

Nice good to see someone hitting big on a bet less than 5 bucks,

Congrats man

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What was the outcome of those 50 spins

$500 I played it all back. I had it on 15 lines