2022 has been a nightmare until now!

• What are your initials?
• How long have you been with us?
Several years
• What was your winning game and amount?
About $241,500 Super Jackpot on Golden Buffalo Hot Drop Jackpots
• Was this your first big win online?
Actually, I once had the most insane run on European Roulette on a sister site back when they had the option of mBTC as a playing currency so, with the value of BTC at the time, the max bet was much higher and I just went on a crazy streak.
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings?
So, I did a lot of margin trading in 2021 and was really successful. First time I had that kind of money ever so I really didn’t plan well for taxes or envision I could lose it all. I kept margin trading like a bull in the 2022 bear market and lost it all and ended up with 6 figure tax bill since the gains were in 2021 and losses in 2022. True story. It wasn’t all a loss as I did pay my mortgage and other debts but I have been pretty depressed about how much I’ve lost this year and how impossible it seems to get anywhere close to where I was again. Right now, this is really life changing for me. I can pay my entire tax bill and still have a good amount left over. I am so ecstatic about it even though it’s almost all going to the IRS. I’m just going to enjoy life debt free. Going to have to keep working my full time job but I imagine I’ll get to take some nice vacations since all my cash flow won’t be going to the IRS.

Forgot to mention: also have had extremely bad luck for at least a month on all casinos I’ve played at so this is a big turnaround in a lot of ways.

I edited this post again. I think I had too much details that I shouldn’t have shared so I trimmed it down a bit.


Hell yeah! Congrats. Was this won today? I saw it get about that high before it hit.


Congrats!! Nice one!!

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Yes. About 6 or 7 hours ago

wow, congrats…what a turnaround for your year!

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Congrats ! Enjoy the winnings

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Get a knowledgeable tax attorney to chop those taxes down. The money you spend on the attorney will far outweigh what they can do to the debt to the irs.


Unbelievable! Wow! Congrats

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Thanks for this advice. I’ll give it a shot

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Could someone explain the crowns that appear in the hot drop jackpot games. I had one but nothing happened, thanks in advance.

You need three to activate the wheel

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That’s amazing congrats to you bud maybe my luck will change soon enough I’m 8 k down