2024 Elections

Trump is the favorite to win it all. Biden is the slight underdog again. The odds are sorta similar to last elections. Who you got winning. Thoughts?

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I do NOT and because this is a discussion forum.
Are you new around here?

Imo it’s far too early to predict especially with the uncertainty around a Trumps legal issues and the questions on whether Biden will even run again

If i we’re going to bet anything right now I’d probably put a small her on Haley as i think she’s the nominee if Trump somehow is forced out due to the 14th or his court dilemmas

But aside from that there’s no value in either presumptive nominee right now

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Agree way to early to tell, but that could also add a lot of value to some of these nominees. I think Trump might end up milking his decision and have all of these candidates suck up to him as much as possible. IDK why but it would be interesting to see Trump working with a woman as his VP. I think it would really benefit him picking a woman tho

Pence is the only “fusionist” conservative who can pull that party together. Similar to Biden, he’ll come to white knight the Trump fiasco - this is why I think you’re seeing the CO/ME rulings and Epstein leaks simultaneously. It’s all theater, remember that.

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Guessing haley would be value at +900. Just saying