2nd Jackpot from "Lawless Ladies Slot"

1st Jackpot was $17K
2nd Jackpot was $22K

Been on Bovada for over 20yrs im guessing.

My biggest upset on this site was on Caribbean Hold Em. My friend from out of town was asking how to play the game so I proceeded to show him WITHOUT putting down a dollar on the “Progressive” i hit the Royal Flush and only won $1k compared too $100k that was in the Progressive. FML LOL


wow, congratulations bro

U hit that on a $.40 cent bet? ……huh? Hella sus

Nothing sus at all, nice hit!!! Congrats!!!


Nice job. I’ve never won a jackpot. Hopefully soon it happens. God knows I could use it


I pray for one of these, would be life changing right now.

Congrats!!! Feel free to transfer us some mula too hahah! That’s amazing! Wish Bovada would offer more freebies time to time. I’ve probably spent over 20 grand last few months. Smh :woman_facepalming: