51,799 playing live dealer bacarat

• What are your initials?TL
• How long have you been with us? Over 10 years
• What was your winning game and amount? Live dealer bacarat. 51,799 in under a week.
• Was this your first big win online? No
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? I’ll probably end up giving most of it back to bovada lol. I play 2.5k a hand. Just super excited I got this far.


Epic. Congrats!

Maybe dont give it back…congrats

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It’s the nature of the business lol. You don’t always win.

I understand that but as some one who has lost 50k and wishes he could just get it back and leave this shit ass site i guess im just looking from diffrent view
…congrats again

Congrats. I’m also a live Baccarat player. Great win :clap:

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