$60K and then 1 week later $246,000 - Sports Betting

• What are your initials? S
• How long have you been with us? Since Bodog days maybe 2004
• What was your winning game and amount? Sports Mostly NFL Bets $60,172 and $246,129
• Was this your first big win online? Yes and Yes
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? I have a startup business that’s doing well and growing fast so I took out a loan to keep up with sales but I can pay that loan off now. I plan to hopefully win more with my winnings but first going to take a much needed nice vacation with the family and do some nice holiday shopping for them and myself :slight_smile:

I got really lucky and I was sweating a lot of the games.

The ones I thought were guaranteed almost lost me with how bad they were playing and how well the other team was playing - Miami (had 3 turnovers), Lions (down 26-14 with 3-4 minutes left), and Houston ML (3 turnovers).

The ones that were solid were the Ravens, Cowboys, 49ers, and the Giants - which I teased to +23 points.

I’m really excited that this happened and really needed this right now. I was sweating a lot of these games and I couldn’t sit down - I was pacing around my whole dang house.

Really glad all of this worked out with Bovada as I was debating of going to Vegas to make these bets because of the cap on per winning bet. Glad it worked out and just in time for the holidays.


Amazing wins!

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Nice. How much did you wager?

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Congrats my man

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Good stuff!! Hope you have a great holiday season.

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Post the tickets? Would love to see.

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@Kingfishtr @Kailuamoku I did around 500 bets over this time so it’s hard to post the ticket as it was over many several different parlays. I did a variety of bets but had 1 large parlay I placed that I thought was very good. This parlay here I was debating all week to keep it or cash out and it was significantly larger than all the other bets I had placed.

I had a lot of money on the Lions and 49ers as well and it was in most of my winning parlays so I’m really thankful that they won. But it was over a lot of different bets.

By and large this was the biggest wager I had and it was a parlay of Houston, Dallas, and Miami - Money Line.


Holy mother of god. Is that 110k I see?

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Congrats. Well done. Sure wish I could get some good fortune like you have had.

@StevJK I can’t even fathom betting that much on a parley. Thankfully it hit.

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Congrats. Wow took some balls to bet Texans with Kyler Murray back.

Oh okay now I see how bovada is able to payout these big jackpots on a weekly basis :rofl:

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lol but i won… hahaha. I was actually worried about the dolphins more than the texans.

I agree. Raiders new coach, didn’t know what you woukd get there. Nice win. Jets today or dolphins?

The jets are worse than the raiders right now. I’m going dolphins as long as they don’t do anything too risky. As long as they go for the points than try and go for it on 4th down. Also don’t turn the ball over on your own 30 . Run the ball here. The jets have good pass protection but bottom of the barrel run defense. And then throw some deep balls to keep them honest and it’ll be like 31-9


Great info. I’ll tag along!

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I like the over in the Jets Dolphins game

Boyle will put up more points than Wilson but is also likely to turn out over a few times

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Congrats on the huge win!!!

Woo I guessed the dolphins would be up 22 points and the game was 21 point difference. Pretty damn close

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Hell yes buddy! Keep um coming!