7/4/2021 Night At Cleo 205K jackpot

Hello everyone. My name is Pops and I just experienced a life changing it.

I have been with Bovada since 2016 and I signed up for sports betting, but play Night at Cleos when I have downtime.

It was a rainy day on 4th of July, and I was stuck at home, so I thought I’d give it a go and I was shocked when the Jackpot banner came up. I couldn’t believe it and called my wife into the room to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

I’m recently retired from the military, so this is a blessing and will help me get started with my new life and take my wife on the vacation I couldn’t afford (after COVID).

Thank you Bovada, and good luck to everyone all the Night at Cleos loyals!


Congrats and thank you for your service!


Amazing hit Pops. Have a wonderful retirement and congratulations on the jackpot! Thank you for your service.

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Congrats and let me share some advice with you that I have shared with other winners.

  1. Go to Customer Service and shut down access to the casino. Please don’t be like countless others that thought they could go nuts, bet big and win more. What happened instead is they lost it back and wished they had listened.

  2. Work with the moderators on a plan to cash out, don’t fall in love when a host reaches out to you. Get the money out of your account as swiftly as possible. If you use crypto, cash it out via Litecoin or Etherum because those will clear faster than the hoops bitcoin has. If you don’t have a crypto account, they will walk you through everything to get set up and how to do everything.

  3. Once you get the money, set aside some amount of it and treat you and your wife to that vacation or something that will have a lasting memory for you both. With the rest of the money, get it into a tax shelter like a Roth 401 or something that you can use for safe keeping so you don’t spend it frivolously.

  4. One thing to keep in mind, you’ll end up having to report it to the IRS because the wallet holder (coinbase etc) will report it to the IRS at the end of the year. You don’t have to explain where you got it or how you got it, but will have to claim it as a short term sale as it would be under a year in holding. However don’t let this part tie you up now, because a good tax preparer will know how to cover the bases here on this.

Again congrats and way to go, I am happy as all hell for you.


Really good advice dude. Hopefully I win something substantial one day and I’ll use this same information

What branch were you in and congratulations on the nice win brother!

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Thank you for your service!!! Enjoy retirement!

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WOW!!! Thank you for all you did for us in the USA!! Well deserved win and enjoy it!!! Congrats!

I always wonder what people spending on their spins when they win a jackpot.
Congratulations though!! That is awesome!!

@Pod316 Congrats on the massive score!! :+1: :metal:

That is one nice hit, congrats!!

Good Morning, How much were you betting, if you don’t mind me asking.

@baldandbankrupt @clutch … Last 3 :thinking:


So what is your hypothesis?

I’m not sure…but sure is odd that all of these short named, no profile picture, users are suddenly creating accounts or posting for the first time on older accounts with nearly 0 read time, just to post on Jackpot Winner’s Survey posts. Trying to keep them near the top? Some of the comments don’t even make sense to anything that was said, which indicates some sort of automation or at least poor reading comprehension.

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@Littlejon3 I can assure you that all member who post are real members. pod316 has been a bovada member for well over 10 years.

Thanks @Paul_Bovada, I definitely wasn’t referring to the authors of these posts, but more in reference to people creating an account just to post “ok…ok ok ok yes ok ok” and many like that…

This is likely more in tune with the fact that we had quite a bit of new sign ups this week along with the kickoff checklist and the first week of football. Making a post is also a checklist item so I’m sure that is part of why you might be seeing a lot of new posts. Though I understand the context here isn’t very apparent and hopefully it leads to some more constructive engagement going forward.