Bad line MIGA policy

wow @Paul_Bovada i spent like 5 hours in chats today trying to get this and you did it for my in like 15 mins… really appreciate you man. :slight_smile:


I also received this same message that OP received and when I also talked to a chat representative they told me something similar that I would not be getting paid even though I received a message saying the bet would be honored can you also look into mine please @Paul_Bovada

We will have this checked by the Sports Team.

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The wager has been resettled.

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What is miga policy? I’ve had multiple wagers canceled because of “incorrect lines” and never got it back.

Hello I’m having the same issue and they are telling me that only my risk amount will be honored not the winnings can you please help me with this

Here is the message I recieved

Checking on this right now.

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The wager should be fixed now thanks for your patience.

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How does the miga policy work? I am being told that my win does not count because of a line error when my bet is clearly in the description.

I have the exact same bet as this guy except he got his winnings 4 days ago and I haven’t yet can someone please fix this

I had the same bet as the guy above and got a message from bovada that my bet will be honored (per Miga policy) and still haven’t got my winnings a week later please help

Hi @gbwhizz,

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We will have this escalated for you.

Thank you finally someone responded!

The wager has been fixed @gbwhizz.

What is the MIGA policy? Can a mod provide more details or a link to the rule?

My god. That’s insane. I know the mods would fix it now if they could!


Yeah that’s not better lol