Wager Settled as no action

How does the miga policy work? I am being told that my win does not count because of a line error when my bet is clearly in then description.

That’s pretty clearly a won

Not sure what kind of line error they could possibly be claiming here

6 QBs to all have to go over 250 send like +1100 would be correct. If anything it seems low

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Ive tried contacting customer service and the community moderators. The moderators refused to help and deleted the post.

@Paul_Bovada @Mikey_Bovada what is up with the screenshot from @YoFavBarber? In my mind that’s a pretty fair odds for that bet. Doesn’t seem like a line error. Any chance we can get an explanation? This kinda stuff just floating out there doesn’t look very good.

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Thanks. They offered me $187.00 dollars, but I turned it down because it didnt seem fair. When I placed the wager the names were clearly there and then it was graded as a no action because only a comma was in the description. I then go back to my losses page and there is the entire wager in the description again. I’ve never saw a comma in the title before and it happens when I win big smh.

I even have the original screenshot of the wager. It was offered. It was only a problem after my wager was indeed a win.

What are they even saying? Why are they saying it’s a loss? Bad line? What did they say the odds should be?

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Based on the details received it appears that one of the players did not start so the wager was settled as ‘No Action’.

@Mikey_Bovada Did the details include which QB didn’t start?

I just went through the plays for each game and I’m not seeing any of them not playing on their team’s first offensive snap, which would make them the starter.

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Yeah they definitely all started

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Thanks for the research I’ll have this further looked into.


I keep being told its a system error on their end and they can only offer me $187.00 dollars. Every QB did start for his team and covered their numbers. Its hard to win big on here and when I do theyre refusing to even compensate me a little. $187.00 dollars feels like a slap in the face and I refused it and decided to come to the community to share the details.

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I mean its a win

And +1100 is not an obvious line error for 6 separate QBs to go over 250

An obvious line error would be if it was +11000 or if the yards needed was 100 or something

I personally wouldn’t accept anything other than the bet being resettled as a win at the full value

There’s nothing here that would result in this not being a win

Everyone started
Everyone got the 250+
The line is perfectly reasonable and what you’d expect

Its a win


Wait a second, which NFL week was this for? Week #11 that just ended last night or was this for a previous week?

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This is from last week games. I will post below each QB stats.

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Ok, just wanted to make sure. Yeah, it all looks legit and only 1 of the QBs wasn’t the only QB for his team (meaning he had to be the starting QB) and the exception was Cooper Rush in Dallas but Dak threw a pass on the first play of the game, so thats definitely a start.

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Yep, I keep being told error and thats why I posted under this Miga policy because I’ve never heard of it. Hopefully, the right thing will be done here.

As to the line error aspect just for knowledge purposes

A +1100 on what is ostensibly a 6 team parlay means that all 6 guys would each need to be about a -190. Individually to go over 250 for the 6 guys to equal +1100 total

Which is imo exactly right

So its 1000% not a like error at all and clearly not am obvious line error

This needs to be paid in full

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We are having this looked into, once we have more details we will gladly share them.