Wager Settled as no action

Thanks. I didnt understand that part until now. So its definitely not a obvious line error.

Yeah not at all. Not even close

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This is what is being told to me.

The mods will get it fixed

You’re wasting your time talking to CS

Most of them don’t understand how lines or any aspect of gamblng works

Ultimately someone screwed up in the grading dept but they’ll get it fixed. It’s not a line error and everyone started and got the number

It’s a win and im sure @Mikey_Bovada will get it handled


I can tell you from personal experience Bovada will EVENTUALLY do the right thing and correct this. Dont waste time talking to CS. Hosted Team or Moderators are the only ones who will take time to look into the issue. CS will just copy paste templated responses that make no sense. You did the right thing bringing this to the Forum. Might take a while, but if @Mikey_Bovada is involved your in good hands.


Thanks for the advice. Feels better now that other users can see but also write in and help out.

Definitely a win. Bovada will do right by you.


Thanks. I sure appreciate all the support from other users.


For sure that’s a win, they need to resettle it. No way this was a lost

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@YoFavBarber, @Mikey_Bovada DM’d you requesting additional details that will be needed to escalate this further.


I sent it. I had to learn how to screen record on a imac and upload. Im not tech savy.

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Hey, @Mikey_Bovada. Has there been an update to my case? I submitted all of the screen records.

Thanks. I sent in screen records so now I’m waiting to hear back.

We are still waiting to be updated. We will definitely get back to you once we are updated.

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Thank You.

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I don’t know what screenshots could possibly be necessary

Its a 6 man prop where all 6 guys started and got the number

This should take 5 minutes to fix


Hopefully, it is corrected and made right. I’ve done everything they have asked of me.

Goodmorning, I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Just giving everybody an update. I have not heard anything back yet so fingers still crossed. @cattycathy @Littlejon3 @Kailuamoku

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This is getting stupid at this point @moderators

This is a win

It took me 45 seconds to look up the stats amd to confirm everyone started

Get this paid out. There’s legitimately nothing at all that is even questionable here


I agree. I was looking forward to wagering this weekend since I’m off work, but a lot of my money is tied up waiting for the funds to be deposited into my account. Hopefully, today is the day and Bovada does the right thing.

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