Big ol' jimmy on Reels and Wheels XL - $2k -> $133k

• What are your initials?


• How long have you been with us?

A few years (no more than 5-7), honestly a bit unsure.
Previously have used Bovada for sports gambling + live dealer with friends - this was my first month or so of trying slots on Bovada!

• What was your winning game and amount?

Reels and Wheels XL - $20 bet/spin hit Mega Jackpot for ~$102k
Ramped bets to $100, lost a few grand, then hit a massive large Free Spins to ~$133k
Got a tad greedy afterwards, but still ~responsibly~ cashed out above 6 figures :slightly_smiling_face:

• Was this your first big win online?

Absolutely, yes.
Around ~3-5 days prior to this, I cashed out ~$50k also from Reels and Wheels XL. (I thought this was my first big win online until this SEPARATE win tbh). Probably up ~$150k in total!

• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings?

Setting aside money for taxes/cap gains (lol) first before anything
Used the Player Transfer feature to send money to some of the ‘broke-er’ people in my life, so we could play Live Dealer BJ together last night to celebrate.
Remaining money going towards my first home purchase
Costa Rica vacation? #puravida

Love Bovada, great product/team. Thanks y’all.
(Only complaint/feedback is related to limited crypto cashout options - e.g. would love to cash-out into stablecoin options like Tether or DAI. From a user perspective, I could easily move this to CeFi or DeFi to get some yield on the $$$ I’m saving for taxes - stablecoin cashout would be an amazing add to an amazing customer experience. Also, cash-out limit increase - but y’all probably get this feedback all the time - :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also, love the proactive email I got about this. Was honestly freaking out (and that email calmed me down a bit) - helped assure that this is clearly a legit asf win + site + product.



That’s a crazy win! Been playing 10+ years and have never been able to hit one like that! Enjoy it and I hope the good karma gets passed on to the community :joy::four_leaf_clover:


Ahhh the old just started playing slots story…congrats


Yep. It is always people that join the community just to post about their win


everything about this post reads as fake


No doubt man


here come the mods to shut down the convo lol

I think we have covered this in the past but all winners of these kind of jackpots are sent a communication on if they can share there experience with the community members. This is why most of the time they are brand new to signing up on the community.

issue goes beyond that for me. its written like a plant was hired to write it. encouraging taking on super high stakes, incurring huge losses at first, discussing playing even more casino games with the winnings.


Yep. Its bovada employees creating new usernames

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I wish they could be less obvious about it lol

Half y’all are dumb as heck lol

Nobody can be happy.

But as I smoke this joint I can totally see how they then get the really crazy people who send a message to this person begging for money.

But wait why do they need to do that? They can read your messages if they want or suspect anything and I appreciate it I’m not anticipating hiring ahem an assassin or anything off the site and sending the money via zelle as a “buy in” to the site bc the site is really a front for the cartel and they will send you hired killers not at all.

Come on Jesus it’s plain and simple marketing and advertising

Look we have a winner do you wanna share your story so you can make us look great? Sure

Whatever lol

I find that odd that you say this… because I hit a cyberpunk jackpot in December for $35k and didn’t receive this message that you’re saying is sent to the winners

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I will confirm just for the sake of this thread that the message matty is referring to was sent to the OP on 02/17/2022 02:53 PM EST, and I’m sure the OP will confirm that.

Good for you!

:sweat_smile: :rofl:

“written like a plant wrote it”

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Sounds sauce to me… hope its not d case dat this people not in d community r real people… who really knows since its an unregulated site… not accusing bovada… i knw some community members have win some jackpots before… but just some people coming out of d woods and putting dis crazy wats ur initial and wats ur boggest win, etc… and u look at dem and der all rookie trader or never heard from dem again… ive been here 6 probably more and hasnt win a single jackpot im sure some have been here longer dan me dat also has not won…its just sauce how all dis new player just appear just to give der initial and to let everyone knw dat dey won dis jackpot and so on and so fort…

I really am trying hard to understand what the heck you just wrote. But I can assure you that the jackpot wins are real.

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:crazy_face:people thought I was fake when I posted my jackpot. I won 42k on bonus money that was given when the site went down :joy: obviously I have put a boatload of money in prior but people are so salty sometimes.