Big Win on Reelz and Wheels

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• Was this your first big win online?
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings?
Ive been playing on Bovada since February 2022. Last week i was flat broke but realized i had 45 dollars in my cashapp account. I converted 25 of it to bitcoin and deposited without a bonus. I accidentally pressed 8 Lucky Charms while scrolling the slots to pick a game. I decided to go with it. 4 spins in i won $900.00 on a $5.00 spin. Then i bet $20.00 for 10 spins autoplay and won $5000.00.
I decided to cash out half of the $5000.00. Then went to Reelz and Wheels. Started out on $40.00 bets and hit the bonus wheel on my first AND second spins! Won 22 times $40.00 on the 1st spin… then upped my bet to $100.00 for the second spin… well it landed on X500 with $100.00 bet!!! I had won $50,000.00!!! Sorry, i got so excited i forgot to screenshot the screen.


Wow that is crazy! All from $25. Congrats. I need some of your luck. 9 years+ playing here and no jackpots yet :frowning:

That’s ome insane luck. Don’t forget to play tge $1.6 billion powerball. You’re on a roll!

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