Bovada NBA poster 2nd rd divisions and standings

Ok guys

Conference semis 4 man divisions. Winner moves on

Divisions are a follows

Division 1


Division 2


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Division 3


Division 4


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@Dominic_Bovada please pin and move to comps


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Thank you :pray: for your time and energy @Rmilia1 :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::white_check_mark::man_surfing:

Hey guys ill be updating standings tomorrow night and posting RD2 set 2 at about 8 pm Eastern tomorrow 5/6


Be on the lookout for the next set tonight guys

Ill do standings then too. Didn’t do it after the first set because it was only 5 picks


When will next set be out?

After Mavs Thunder game!!

Go Mavs +4.5, and Kyrie Irving just take it to the hole tonight and pass it to the Don!!

Ill likely post the next set around halftime off the plate game

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Ok sounds good

Ok guys standings

Division 1

  1. @Tommylee9288 8
  2. @Lancelot24 6
  3. @Chidan 6
  4. @Beanman23 4

Division 2

  1. @Gunderhar 10
  2. @Busterboi 9
  3. @mcfc104 7
  4. @Droog915420 6

Division 3

  1. @Joeycord 12
  2. @JaneLA 9
  3. @CLew21 8
  4. @Rmilia1 6

Division 4

  1. @Nessa526 9
  2. @Winners101 8
  3. @lensmachamp 7
  4. @Hive08 6

Next set coming guys


When is due by

kinda late now. We have to wake up early and picks. First game is at 12:30 PST so good luck to all

130 EST Sunday

The picks are in sports basketball guys

At least till a mod gets out into comps