Bovada Poster NBA Finals pick em standings

Ok guys. Rough game 1

@Winners101 4
@Busterboi 4

Ill be posting the next set tonight

damn i thought i would be crush for this round after i saw the scores lol

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Was a rough one for both you guys lol

boy went 0-6 on props. Crazy game to watch. But it was fun

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will the next set be in this thread ?

No ill put it on a separate thread tonight

ok. thanks Rob.

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After tonight

@Busterboi 9
@Winners101 8

actually i believed i have 9:

  1. Dallas +7.5
  2. Dallas +4.5
  3. Horford Under 1.5 (3s)
  4. Doncic highest scorer (1h)
  5. Washington Over 10.5 pts

Also, I believed Busterboi got 10

  1. Dallas +7.5
  2. Under 214.5
  3. Dallas +4.5 (H)
  4. Dallas +2.5 (1QT)
  5. K Irvin Under 2.5 (3s)
  6. Washington Over 10.5 Pts

Can you double check these

eitherway, I am trailing by 1 point. Hahaha

I am picking terrible at just 37.5%
Busterboi is doing better at 41.67%

Yep. I an just bad at math lol

I for some reason thought Boston won by 9

Sorry guys

@Busterboi 10
@Winners101 9

Hey @moderators can we just split the remaining prize of $50 now? im down. hehe @Rmilia1 thanks for organizing this tourney man, youre the best. thanks for your hardwork it was so fun. hope we get more of these kinds of community games.

can you let the mods we want to split the $50? thanks @Rmilia1 i already talked to @Winners101 amd we decided to split it

its ok with me too. Thanks for the fun. we just gonna fight for the championship trophy.
1st Ever NBA Contest Champion 2024

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I will continue to fight and win the Championship trophy though. Its my wish to be the first ever champion

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Nah its mine. i wish they will really send us a trophy thou if we win LOL

I had so much fun. Many thanks to @Rmilia1 and @StndrDeviant for the great contest. Hope to have it again next year.
Would be nice if the Champion will get an auto-bid to the final 16

@Lillian_Bovada can you check this for us? we both agreed to split prize

Totally fine by me fellas

by the way, its been a while since we have a community Poker contest. Hope it comes back for another one this season