Bug in new craps game

@moderators can anyone help me out here. I found a bug in he new craps game where if you place buy bets on any of the numbers then pull your bets down when you continue playing it removes the money that was bet on those numbers from your funds still without actually playing them.

I contacted cs to try and get my money back and at first they said there was no issue with the game. I figured out i could recreate the problem and explained how it happens to them and even recorded it happening and sent that to them but its been 5 days and i still haven’t got any kind of answer from them.

I just want the money that was wrongfully taken from my account back if you can help move it along. All together its only about $60-70 that I’ve actually noticed it happen on probably more but whatever, that’s all i was asking for back.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Hi there,
thanks for taking your time to explain your issue. We can definitely see that this was escalated by CS for you, however as this is still being investigated there is no further update to be shared yet.

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Can i get an update please. A week is a long time to have funds stolen from your account with no update

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I’ll check to see if there is an update, although I wouldn’t think so, as CS will reach out to you.

Thank you i just dont understand what is taking so long. I have given ample evidence that the game just removed money from my account.

So the ticket is saying as of yet they are unable to see any issues.
I believe however you have a video of this? If so can you send it to us and I will forward it over to them

They have the video. They told me they have recieved it and it was supposedly already attached to the ticket

I have an email stating that they recieved it as well

I’m seeing several screenshots but no video. This was requested yesterday.

They emailed me back sunday june 2nd thanking me for the video

From a person not an automated response

The automated response for the email being sent was on june 1st

I’ll see if I can find it, but there is no video on the actual ticket.

Thats really infuriating. I asked cs multiple times to make sure they received it and that it was attached and they told me yes

Ok I’ve added the video to the actual ticket for you now.

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Can you get someone to look at it real soon since it should have been done days ago already

If you watch the video you can clearly see that even tho i only place a $1 bet it removes the previous bet that was placed as well even tho it is no longer there

I’m afraid that is not something I can do, the tech team will get on it asap. They have acknowledged the video

Just as an FYI I see that CS have just messaged you asking for the video, so you can disregard that.

The video was just to show that i could recreate the issue so it wasnt just a one time thing. Im sure it happened multiple times but it was a $70 loss when i only bet $10 that made me notice it

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