Cash Out Issue

Being told my cash out wager was never made now even though I took a screenshot of the cash out. Bovada is saying it doesn’t show anything in their system all of a sudden so they won’t honor the cash out. How else can we protect ourselves if Bovada can just go into the system and deny a wager from ever occurring and they can just pocket it?

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We will have this looked into as once the bet is cashed out it should reflect immediately to your account. Once we have details we will let you know what’s up.

This was reviewed in our system logs and we did not see Cashout being registered. Based on our logs the outcome of the wager is correct and we are sorry that it did not go in your way.

I’m following this just for the pure fact that I want to see how this plays out and if it can happen to anyone. So essentially @mroers cashed out a wager early, has proof of it, and Bovada just didn’t allow it or allowed it and then took it back? Just curious of how this all played out.

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Thanks for that. I had already been chatting with serval Bovada members for over an hour. They all said the same thing even though I reached out when I made the cash out, emailed after once again, and had the screenshot for proof. Just letting other players know that Bovada can steal their money and deny anything in the end even if the player has full proof. Wanting a business to honor what a customer has shown with legitimate proof and just admit they were wrong.

That’s exactly what happened. They are denying everything and say their system doesn’t show anything even though I have the screenshot.

When you cashed out were you credited with the funds and then the funds taken away or never credited at all? The fact that everything done on this site has to be screen shot at this point is alarming but what’s even more alarming is when photo proof doesn’t even matter to the site anymore.

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I mean clearly the site let you cash out since you have photo proof. Not like you can doctor up a screen shot like that.

We never took back anything as the system never showed that he Cashed out. If he Cashed out it would have been registered immediately. We have never resettled a bet that has been Cashed out.

How can the the screen shot he has be explained then? I’m just confused at how he has a screen shot showing he cashed out and yet Bovada says he didn’t. Again, I don’t have a horse in this race, I’m just wanting to know how this can happen

Also, is Bovada standing by the fact that if the “system” makes an error, the site will not remedy the error and players just have to deal with it? Just curious.

It let me cash out, funds showed for a second, then when I went to make bets for upcoming Saturday they were all gone again. It’s insane that if a player has a screenshot and follows all the policies Bovada has in place and yet they can’t admit it in this instance and refund it into my account. Once all my open bets are complete I’m leaving the site. It’s alarming that they told me they have the ability to go into the system and change things and can just deny anything.

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How is it possible to have a screenshot? I’d respect the fact if Bovada could just admit they were wrong but denying everything all the time is poor business. Bovada will lose all customers once betting is legalized in all states with the type of customer service they give.

What does your transaction page show? Does it show the cashout or is it not there at all and is as if you just left the wager as it was?

It shows now as if I just left the wager as is. Easy for them to deny and take this amount as it’s a monster amount for me and probably everyone else that wagers. I just keep going back to how the heck do I have a screenshot?

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That’s the issue here. You have a screen shot showing proof you cashed out the wager and from what I’ve seen so far, Bovada is basically completely ignoring the screen shot as if it isn’t there. I understand technology is flawed and sometimes errors can happen, but what I don’t understand is how a company can blatantly ignore proof of an error happening and just expect someone to go along with it. This is very, very scary. Again, no horse in the race for me, but wow. I would email disputeresolutions if you haven’t already.

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I appreciate it. I’ve been chatting with them for over an hour and they eventually kicked me off the chat even. That was the final straw and wanted to post on here to warn others that it can easily happen to them. They basically said they have the final say and that’s that.

I’m still waiting for @moderators to explain the screen shot and how it’s possible for this to happen unless they’re going to ignore this from here on out which is a possibility. Not the mods fault but unfortunately they’re mouth pieces for the company so I’m curious of how this is going to get talked out of. I’ve seen a lot of issues here over my 15 years but this is a first for me seeing someone cash out a wager, have proof of it, and the company saying “nope never happened”

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All I have been getting from any of them is that they went into their system and don’t see that it was ever made even though I have the screenshot. That will make it easy for any dispute from a player for them just to deny it and say they don’t see it in the system. Just poor customer service if that is going to be their response to disputes because they will be out of business come the day all 50 states legalize sports betting and use legitimate books that you can go in person with any issue. I get there are glitches and errors with technology and I know businesses hate saying they are ever wrong but damn, the proof is out there and it’s making them look worse now.

Also I’m being told I can’t comment any more for 23 hours

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There’s no explanation for this screenshot if this man didn’t hit that cash out button, would love to see that explanation from @moderators

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