Cashout is sketchy AF

I know, I know “cashout is at the discretion…” blah, blah, blah… but multiple times now, it has offered me the option to cashout from the second I placed the wager up until I selected the button, then suddenly it turned red and “unavailable”

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It’s super shitty that it only ever is available at a loss, and then becomes unavailable when a decent cashout opportunity presents itself. Kind of goes against the spirit of offer it all


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Maybe it has to do with the live lines looking like this for the entire second half of the game… I was told that the cashout is related to the live lines, because they always turn red when the lines are lined out

If there is no line available then cashout will not be either.

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I understand that. But it’s shitty when the live lines go away in the third quarter and then don’t return.

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Makes it really difficult to cashout when I see the game flow changing

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