Classic blackjack April 2024

• What are your initials? KP
• How long have you been with us? About a year
• What was your winning game and amount? Classic Blackjack, over $20k
• Was this your first big win online? Yes
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? Going fishing! But also this brings me back to a fairly neutral spot over lifetime, so hoping to get/stay out of the red!



Congrats! Cheers to this and many more!

@Kurt1234 Congratulations! Is that the electronic blackjack where you can play 3 hands at a time?
How much were you betting? Its so hard to win more than 2 hands in a row

So it is back on. Id like to know why it was removed from my account for the last week. I did not have classic blackjack at all.

If it was removed, which I doubt there should’ve been a maintenance of some kind or something like that.

Hi there. No, it’s the basic one where you only play one at a time. I had a tone of ups and downs… sometimes near broke only to hit a BJ or double with a big bet to bring me back to life. Literally until the past week, I’ve been down ever since I started dabbling in games/wagers about a year ago. I was close to just being done with it all, until I tried some live dealer games…

I had mediocre luck there, but more importantly I was kind of disheartened by some of the negative comments in chat by other players. Like, there’s no need to take it out on the dealer when a roulette spin doesn’t go your way… it’s just chance. So, I tried to make a point to tip when I won and just be patient. In turn, it just made playing a lot more enjoyable.

…all of that to basically say that I truly believe that doing right by others, with the proper intentions, leads to the manifestation of good things. While I tend to bet with doubling after a loss, sometimes I just go by feeling. And I think playing in a good state of mind helps just make things flow in favor. But who knows… I’m probably just on one big up right now lol


@Kurt1234 Thanks for yiur in-depth reply. I guess i haven’t played the classic blackjack yet.
Have you tried Blackjack 22?
I also tried live dealer but the pace seemed to slow for me and i didnt like how many players came in and out of the game

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I understand what you mean… rhythm of play changes when a seat is suddenly filled in front of you. Yet, that card going to them rather than me has helped at times lol.

I have not tried blackjack 22…yet. What are your thoughts on it?

I bust less on it and it helps that i don’t have to use my own money for doubles or splits but if the dealer gets 22, it’s a push.
But i still prefer it to other blackjack games.
I hope i can have a run like yours someday. The most i ever did was run $100 up to $400


Thanks, that sounds interesting, I think i’ll give it a try.

Good luck to you; sending positive vibes your way!


In my own opinion I couldn’t agree more well said