Cleo jackpot 5 dollars a spend

• un
• over 5 yrs
• 420000
• yes
• paying off debt a trip
Bovada is awesome made me feel good and instruction on how to get my funds
Best site i have seen


@pokie336 Congratulations on your win!

That’s an awesome win!

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420k wow! How long were you spinning until you hit the jackpt

Real nice win.

Can we pin this so that players that claim only new suspicious users post about big wins? lol Just kidding. Trying to stir the pot so I can come back and be amused with the comments :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

That’s a dream win. Congratulations!:clap:


Fr tho lol

Still first time she’s posted in the community as noted in the banner above…

Kidding tho, great win. My friends have hit jackpots so anybody who doesn’t think it’s possible is wrong

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We are still talking g about these same jackpots weeks later lol. There should be so many it’s crazy yet we get to only see a couple because I guess people are afraid to post 10000 wins because I do t even see those and there should be sooooooo many everyday

I don’t think that’s necessarily true or realistic. I don’t know how many people are on the community, but there’s only like 20something of us online at any given time. So, I do not think that there is enough of us that are active in the community every day or even weekly for us to see major wins often. When it comes to casinos big wins are not supposed to happen often. It’s actually quite the contrary. A slot machine will only pay once it has collected. So let’s say Bovada just went through a wave of people winning a lot (like when they say ‘the switch is on’) it is likely that it will be a while before we start seeing winnings again. Because now the slots have to reload. I tend to hop from slot to slot. After you’ve spinned a good bit on a slot, if it’s not paying out, it is likely it just won’t pay out. Unless you’re willing to keep depositing until that happens and that can suck up a lot of money real quick because we get frustrated and start spinning erratically thinking that we’ve spinned enough and for sure the big prize oughtta come soon enough. And it never does. Personally, I feel this is the main reason why I lose my deposits. I get on to spin and get obsessed once I’ve spinned so many times that I find it hard to get up from a slot taking a loss. So I stay and spin my way to losing it all. When what I should have done was just leave the slot once I’ve noticed a lot of dead spins.


Yea well 10000 is not alot of money compared to what we put into these slots. Again I stick to my comment there should be way more like there was a couple years back. There is enough community members that should win they seem to win every month a handful of them at least that’s what they are saying look at the list of jackpot winners every month supposedly winning over hundred grand even way more so that comment that community members don’t win big often is wrong. I personally am not even talking about big wins like that I am talking about smaller wins 2000-10000$ wins that if community members should 100% be knocking them out daily but yet barley if any pictures anymore I guess it’s to big to share lol . Again I don’t know how much you play but alot of community members play alot with big money. This is also coming from someone that’s been on this site for almost 13 years and alot of experience with bovada slots.


Understandable. For me a play a lot. But I know it’s nowhere near what I see many players here be posting about. I could never afford a whole session of all 1-2 dollar spins, let alone 5,10,20 or even 100! I really just speak of my experience in general with casinos. Some people really are just luckier than others. When I was a teen my mother used to save up her money so that she could have a trip or two to the casino a month. This is back when coins would drop from the machines. And I swear this was the luckiest woman on the slots. She wouldn’t win big, but she won constantly, so she would have buckets and buckets full of coins every time she went. I don’t recall her ever leaving the casino with loses. Meanwhile, my dad :rofl: poor thing could not catch a break. He would lose EVERY SINGLE TIME. Unlike my mom I don’t remember him ever leaving the casino with any winnings. He would always end up coming back to sit by my mom and she would just hand him a few bills or a bucket of coins to get him away from her. I think I inherited my dad’s fine luck :pensive:

I see a lot of you old-timers always commenting about how in the past it used to be different around here. Wish I had been around to see/experience that. Must have been nice.