Crypto Corner - Future Changes?!

Easier to use with information readily available and easy to comprehend, educate user on crypto 's innate safety and privacy advantages

so that 1 ) more users will join in on the crypto fun
2) both older and younger generations alike will use crypto due to its ease of use and readily available information

Ease of use has deterred me from it. Right now, it is not easy to use. For those who find it easy, congrats but it definitely isn’t for me. Also, previous employer made me suspicious of the government’s potential attempts to increase regulation efforts. I’d feel more comfortable if the government leaves it alone.

Ease of usage and cheap fees for me

I think it’s a general consequence- ease of use wins!!

Would also be cool to see something like Coinbase learn and more expanded to all other platforms

This makes sense. With the potential transition, or as with any transition, ease of use would/will be important. I truly believe this would assist with any rise in frustration levels that come as the result of change.

I would go ease of use to make for accessibility.

Even with it being relatively easy to use now, it’s a barrier for many that it still requires certain steps to be taken to access

Ease of use, quicker transaction times, lower fees, etc. Crypto needs to be as fast as a card transaction to gain wide spread adoption.

I think you are correct, more ease of use → widespread adoption → more demand would naturally cause its value to rise so it’ll be worth more. Tough task though because older folks have a hard time adjusting to change/new things. In fact, I only have my limited understanding of bitcoin/crypto because of sportsbetting!

Know your audience. Obviously ease of use it a no brainer but education is key. Crypto is still a new concept and more than half of the people are not too familiar with it. More can be said but let’s start there…

Id like to see the transaction times be faster for sure

Ease of use, faster process times, and cheaper fees

I think fees are the issue to make it accessible to everyone. Theres people that use it for everyday costs. But when the fee is was $20ish per transaction it wasnt worth it. Example bitcoin when it was around $60k a coin. To move $30 cost $25…

I agree with someone who said that crypto would be amazing if transactions are as fast as a card transaction. Imagine how quick it will develop afterwards

Faster transactions!!! There are times were i deposit via bitcoin but it take almost 30 min - 1 hour before it shows up in your account.

Ease of use for sure, and also We would like to see a little more stability in crypto prices! Stability would bring consumer confidence!

The future of Crypto is always questionable. I don’t like how there is different type of Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the only one i use, but it could easily be replaced with all the other cyptos

Doesn’t have much of a future until regulated, but that destroys purpose. Just a means to facilitate transactions globally in any currency, that is where the value is and where it will remain.

I definitely don’t want more regulations and big government trying to infringe anymore than they already do.


Love the topic!

I strongly believe that the ease of use is the critical issue. On top of that, it would be important to educate people on how it Cryptocurrency works, as well as make it simple to trade.

It’s much quicker! No hassle. It also can go up as Bitcoin. Vs the dollar.