Crypto Corner - Future Changes?!

Crypto Corner

Hi All,

With the current state of the economy, Crypto appears to be the future of how we conduct transactions. With that in mind, some changes must occur in order for us to get there. Tell us what you think and what you’d like to see changed. Some want it to be easier to use, with more regulations, while others simply want the price to rise. I’m curious which one you prefer; mine would be easier to use, which would boost a person’s confidence in using Crypto. This post will be closed at 8 p.m. EST, and all users who respond will be entered to win a $50 bonus. Let’s goooo!


I think ease of use is the biggest and most obvious answer especially if you want it to catch on with older people

I also think it needs to be tied to something that has some sort of intrinsic valueso it’s not so unstable

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I agree with making it easier to use. I know I’ve spoken to people about crypto and they get kind of a lost look on their face. Then pretty quickly lose the confidence to make future decisions to use crypto and reap the benefits from the entire process and fundamentals

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Cool I hope I get lucky

The ease of use is probably the most essential. For my preference, id like to see a big increase in price/value but i think it is more important to educate people on how to use it and make it easy to trade.

Ease of use is huge, but I think the main change needs to be in the broader spectrum of educating the average investor/consumers about the risks of cryptocurrencies.

Honestly I could type a whole paragraph and still won’t get picked so here is my post :rofl:


Ease of use would be super helpful in addition to more options for reliable trading platforms and wallets.

Ease of use for sure and less fees. It seems like the fees for all transactions are so much higher than when this was all new. I don’t use it as much to fund my Bovada account for this reason.

Agreed that easier to use, I know some people can get funds locked for a period of time before use and with how volatile the market is makes it difficult when you are trying to deposit and make a bet

Easier to use! Also, maybe once players reach a certain ranking in the community, crypto sales could be a category we can engage in

Cheaper. We have to pay fees to use crypto. Buy fee, transfer fee, fees suck.

It would be nice to have our account be like a crypto wallet. If we have coins in here and the market goes up, so should our balance.

Transparency will be crucial, as right now it’s just a dark cloud surrounding many important factors (ownership %, vested interests, etc.). The US and PRC are both trying to figure out how to do state-sponsored crypto without breaking the fundamental aspects that make it popular (anonymity and accessibility), but I’d rather them not do this and let the private sector continue handling things.

The process of using altcoin can be difficult for people that are new to it! I think there are just way too many coins to deal with. The coin was fun 2015-2018 . The fees are discouraging and with the uncertainty of the economy the coin is less attractive

I think it needs more accessibility with ATM’S in other areas…and more education on crypto currency as a whole…A lot of myths are causing all of the uncertainty…Thanks for the opportunity to grab a bag :moneybag:!!

I want it to be easy and user friendly. The easier the better I say!!!

Would prefer is for it to be easier to use for everybody. Crypto is on its way if not already here.

Ease of use isn’t bad…the larger issue is the volatility