Crypto Corner - Quiz Time #15!


Hi All,

Time for your chance to win some Cash. Get both questions correct and you will be entered in a draw to win a $50.00 bonus. Please ensure to enter your answers before 8p EST as this is when the post will be closed. Good luck champs!

1) What is a Cryptocurrency tumbler?

  • A coin wallet attachment
  • A service that mixes your Crypto with other Cryptos
  • A sweet art blog
  • A service that hides crypto coin origins

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2) What prefix are the Ethereum addresses composed of?

  • EX
  • 0X
  • 2X
  • 1X

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Weird first question as the actual orrect answer is parts of 2 of the possible answers provided lol


yeah agreed, if you combine 2 answers for Q1 you get the complete answer lmao. Maybe multiple answers can be correct, since technically the description doesn’t state that only one option is correct.

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Please don’t pick me

I know I won’t be picked lol never have been before on this or the poker quiz!

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  1. A service that hides crypto coin origins
  2. 0X
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