Crypto Corner ! - Quiz Time #3

Hi All,

Once again we have another quiz for you to take part in, where participants with correct answers get to take part in a draw for a $50.00 bonus. The draw will be at 11:00p EST which will end the chance to provide your answers. Let’s gooooo!!!

  1. What is the Genesis Block?
  • The first block in the Blockchain
  • A famous block that hardcoded a hash of the book of Genesis into the Blockchain
  • The first block after each block halving
  • The first transaction in each block

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  1. What is a Private Key in Bitcoin?
  • Performing a transaction anonymously
  • The secret number that generates your public address
  • The password to your account
  • The ability to access the Blockchain

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its just 2 queations is that. correct? Kind of a trick question one of them.

Yes, only 2 questions.

ok thank you. Good luck everyone looks like manchester city loses to real madrid. wow

It’s crazy game

Thanks!! Also I feel like question 2 could have multiple corrects answers and is up to interpretation

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Thanks mods for another chance to grab a free BOVADA :moneybag:!!

Is there a reason why we’re able to see everyone’s answers before the voting closes? To increase people’s chances of winning?

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What were the correct answers?

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