Crypto Corner - Quiz Time!

Hi All,

We are continuing our Crypto Corner, this week the draw will be based on those who correctly answer the question to the quiz. All correct answers will be entered in a draw to win $50.00 and the winner will be announced at 11:00p EST tonight. Looking forward to hearing from you let’s gooo!

Question: How many Bitcoins are currently active?

  • All Of them
  • 36%
  • 64%

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How is cryptocurrency treated by the IRS?

  • As an illegal asset they could seize
  • As property subject to capital gains tax
  • They don’t know about it

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Thanks Bovada. Hoping I answered correctly and BomboRiviera gets the random draw!


Don’t quite understand what the first question means, but thanks for the chance at some free cash @Mikey_Bovada. I could certainly use it lol.

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Well there are a total of 21 million Bitcoin that will ever exist, and roughly 19 million have currently been mined so neither of the answers is really accurate


They are mined however not all of the amount is being used, this is what the question is referring to, sorry for the confusion.

“They don’t know about it” hahahahahaha I damn wish that was the case

So Mikey, sounds to me you just eliminated one of the three answers with your statement

You got me :wink:

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Yeah that first qiestion is worded oddly

Anything thats been mined is active is it not? Even if its not currentky being used it still could be

Anyways thanks for the chance

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What picks won

All names are entered in a random name generator that picks the winning name.

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Yeah but which ones were right, I thought only right answers get picked. I’m not complaining or anything

Love these quizzes and sad I couldn’t participate because of work. Is there a particular reason these are posted so late and only open for like a few hours? I would love the opportunity to do these and wish they would be posted earlier and/or open longer than just a few hours…


Hi @MasterLocks69,

These are usually open for around 8 hours. Make sure you visit the Community often so that you don’t miss out.

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