Cyberpunk City

• What are your initials?
• How long have you been with us?
• What was your winning game and amount?
• Was this your first big win online?
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings?
kB no my second. Looking at new cars.


Congrats bud!

Kyle whatd ya win?

Congrats. Been here since 07 and never a huge win … consider yourself lucky my friend and well done

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a hugh progressive random jackpot


Thx been trying for over 5 years Dont give up!


Congrats thanks for stopping by

How much was your bet per spin if you don’t mind me asking?

While i was betting $10 a spin I must say I had just upped my bet to $100 n after the second spin the screen kinda flashed the girl with lasers appeared n the phrase You Won Jackpot $65,307.76 ps I was up bout 3grand so I was gonna play 10 $100 spins! Needless to say I was stunned :flushed: said to myself omg I think :thinking: I just won that progressive n quickly screenshot the jp then clicked out of it to check my balance, yup went from aprx 5k to over 69k kinda life changing $$ I hope u all have that feeling someday Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:


That’s awesome buddy. Don’t give none back!!

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