Does anyone know what to do?

Every time I win it doesn’t pay out & my game just freezes.

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Having the same issue. Reached out to moderators on chat Thursday night. Was told they could see each time I won and didn’t get paid and that the game was freezing on wins. They assured me that someone would contact me by email within 24-48 hrs and that all funds would be added to my account. It’s now Tuesday and still nothing. And the games still frozen on my last win

It’s been 10days here received a message in my inbox. & so I tried again had to open up 3 tabs in order to spin again and won that and it didn’t pay out.

Same thing has been happening to me over the past 3-4 days. I stopped playing them. Each win just freezes and doesn’t payout till later .

It’s been 10 days here feels like I’m getting screwed over it’s at least $50+ they owe me.

what you are all experiencing is called a stale screen they will show you an image of a losing spin and you will get nothing :upside_down_face:

Hi @Dom129, if this was escalated I will follow up on this now and send you a PM. @ealvarez161 have you tried clearing your browser history along with cache & site data for all time than reloading the game?

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Also if you have a video to show this @Ddd333 , I can have it added to the ticket.

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what kind of video do you want brooke i dont record myself spinning slots


were not all streamers lol :rofl: :rofl:

Do you remember the time and date this happens I might able to reopen a new ticket with the session still open and have the winning issue once I’m able to locate it. I was able to find @ealvarez161 open session which I will escalate immediately.

yea happened when i initially went to chat and explained the issue this was a while ago and they said they offered troubleshooting steps the time and date should be visible on your end

` Okay, please give me some time let me take a look.

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Lol i was thinking the same thing

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Same problem here and my case was supposed to be finished 24-48 hours from last Wednesday. Asked CS about it yesterday and they told me to go buy a PC and try playing on there otherwise it is just stuck for good lol. So helpful.


yea pretty sure the device isn’t the issue look how many people seem to have this issue at least a dozen maybe more. at least they are actually doing something

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I did all that on safari google chrome and Firefox & the game just loads and it freezes on the winnings.


Lol are they though? Doesn’t seem like it

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Due to the large numbers of transactions you made from the time this was the last report, to help speed up this gives me the date and time would be. If you don’t have that information I would have to send the report and have the team manually review this, which will take a longer time to resolve. But if I get a date range I would be able to look at it a provide the exact session to the team which may limit to 48 hours and each request is handled in the order request or received.

April 1st & then today