Does anyone know what to do?

Now my spin is permanently stuck on 10 times vegas at slots I saw this same issue with same game on other thread and they claimed it was not a winning spin lol! Everytime i refresh page the same spin it spins and lines up with 3 hearts and 3 berries! Id post this at slots but i cant get into their forum! Besides this is not a slots only problem! Every winning spin gets stuck on ceasars as well on every site. Only difference is i can unstick that spin! Also every game will not allow you to start game by clicking real money. You have to turn phone to landscape first! This is obviously an issue only affecting iphone users with the latest dl i assume! When are you guys going to realize something is up with your site

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So lets recap the week of bovada and all sites of the same games.

-Caesars victory gets stuck on every winning spin, been happening for at least 5 days all sites
-almost all games will not start unless you turn phone to landscape and then press real money

  • poker freeroll wont allow me to enter then “lucky” people that could enter play with major problems for 10 hours and then gets shut down with nothing offered. Sister site.
    -10 times wins is stuck on a winning spin and every refresh either does same spin then stuck thing or shows no spin at all, previously a moderator says to other player with same problem that it wasn’t a winning spin at all. Sister site for me, i believe this site for other player.

Still a week into this and I have yet to see one acknowledgment of an issue going on with sites. Interesting and extremely frustrating!


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That or a chat gpt impersonator

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I am having issues with games just freezing or they keep spinning until I get an error message. I think its the site since my internet works just fine and other sites load and work like they should.

Just happened again. What the heck is going on. After about 15 spins the game starts to spin on it’s own. I get logged out the site, try to log back in and can’t just to realize I am still logged in. I know makes no sense. Of course I lost my credits. So tiered of this.


Been happening over a week. Have heard absolutely nothing about it! Have messaged, complained, chatted, dm. Everything!!! Im assuming that its not a big enough problem for them to care or address…… YET! So just deal with it and make sure that you clear your cache! Lmao

Larry’s Lucky Tavern has been stuck like this for over 2 days frozen on my second free spin out of 10

No pay out, and no response in the 48 hour window about any compensation.

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Have you asked a moderator about it?
That’s ridiculous to just freeze up during free spins and no help to resolve it.

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Lol this must be your first time logging in this week @Patnann … look around alot of the games are freezing up in winning spins.

Must be the new algorithm they put in the games is causing issues :rofl:


That’s so messed up @Ruckerma


First reply’s are from y’all. Bovada has done nothing, my Free spins are still frozen. Help Center just keeps telling me the situation has been escalated to be taken care of. I’ve been told that by three different people from the Help center. Angie, Beke and Karen were of no help in the help center each time I could actually get through.

Bovada must be hurting
A few years ago I feel like this wasn’t happening at a wider scale like it is today. I seriously wish someone had the time and resources to collect all the grievances people have with the slots and other sketchy things this site pulls off. Then we’re all reminded this is an offshore book after all.

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The classic case of the house always wins haha

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Happening to me right now smh

@Brooke_Bovada same thing happening to me here. Game frozen, haven’t paid out and this was my first win playing this slot today. And it’s not a few dollars so I’d like to get this fixed and paid out?

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Yikes. Guys dont play it til they get it fixed

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I have wins pending from last night on Larry’s Lucky Tavern, Sushi Wilds, and Wild Diamond Miner. Just now tried Dragon Siege and my first win on there is locked up too. Every time I go back to the games the winning hand is replayed and it locks up again.

@moderators what is going on with this? When will we get our winnings?

Same issue still stuck for 2days later no help from any moderator.

Okay so this is what I did, and it allowed me to get unstuck. Unless coincidentally someone at Bovada fixed it. I cleared my cache and logged off if my account from my iphone, (the device I was using when I won the pull) and then relogged back on from my desktop computer and reloaded the game. It went back to the respin but actually now paid out. I never play on my desktop. Paid me my $300. I should t have to do this to get paid out. So it’s for sure a bug/glitch that tech needs to fix.

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