First ever Bovada sponsored community competition! 250 dollar prize pool!

Ok guys . Quick heads up

Bovada is sponsoring its first ever community member led monthly competition and @James_Bovada has asked me to run it

Here’s what i came up with

This month’s competition will be ( drum roll )…

Sports handicapping

I will be posting 12 games in the next few hours ( likely around 12 CST )

The games will be from 4 different sports


Your job is to build a parlay ( minimum 3 teams max 12 teams )

You can build it however you want. ML, spread, alt line. Whatever you choose

Use the website to pick your parlay and then take a screenshot of it.

Screenshot must include

Every game you picked and the line you picked


The total odds the parlay will pay out

You do NOT actually have to bet the parlay. Just build it, take a pic and post it here

If your parlay is a winner you will be entered into the giveaway

The 3 longest odda winning parlays will receive prizes in the amount of

1st place 150
2nd place 75
3rd place 25

Your parlay MUST be built from ONLY the games i provide and your picks have to be in by 4 PM CST tommorow 4/28

This is very cool of Bovada to do and in in charge of it all so bear with me

Let’s have great participation!! Spread the word!

Games will be up in a bit


Sounds right up my ally ! :muscle:


Ok guys

List of games eligible to be included in the parlay

Reminder- your parlay must include at least 3 picks but no more than 12. Screenshot your parlay abd post it on this thread. You can use any line you want to from that game but if you pick a o/u or total your pic must say which game the total is for


Sacramento vs Golden St 4/28
Menphis vs LA Lakers 4/28
Miami vs NY Knicks 4/30


Atlanta Braves at NY Mets 4/28
NY Yankees at Texas Rangers 4/28
Philadelphia Phillies at Houston Astros 4/28


Dallas Stars at Minnesota Wild 4/28
Colorado Avs at Seattle Kraken 4/28
Edmonton Oilers at LA Kings 4/29


West Ham at Crystal Palace 4/29
Leeds United at Bournemouth 4/30
Reims at Clermont Foot 4/30

These are the ONLY 12 games you can build your parlay from

3-12 team parlay

Post you oic here

All entries due by 4 PM CST in 4/28

You may need to wait till tomorrow to post your picks if you want to include any of the baseball

Good luck!!

Remember there will be 3 winners. The 3 winning parlays with the longest odds


I’m totally clueless on this lol so confusing for a first timer betting sports !!:).

den vs phx 4/29??

@Rmilia1 is there a way to see tomorrows MLB lines… I can’t find them anywhere to load into a parlay, or do I just need to wait for them to get posted later tonight?

is this okay?

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Nope just the 3 games i posted

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Nope. If you want to include mlb you’ll need to wait til tomorrow to post your picks but you’ve got til 4CST

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Yep looks great!!

If you need any help feel free to message me

Remember you have to 4PM CST tomorrow to turn in your picks

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Is this ok? Let me knw thanks

Does this work? I’m banking on everyone else failing


Hawks and Celtics are not an included game

Your parlay must consist of only the 12 games i posted

That’s perfect

@James_Bovada can a moderator confirm this is real

He literally liked the post lol its real

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