Football Runner Week 11 Results

Hi everyone,

The top 50 Players were credited with their respective Bonuses last week, and below is the leaderboard.

1st place bonus prize: $800 Prezzee Voucher (week 1-17)

Place Runner Name Community Name Points Prize
1st zombino @zogdog 885000 $120
2nd Hmm…123 @Hmm_123 875000 $120
3rd Moon @djay24 840000 $120
4th H N Not Yet 800000 $120
5th Arnitz @ArNitz 800000 $120
6th Jshots89 @Jshots89 795000 $120
7th csreaskii @csr_123 790000 $120
8th JaneLA @JaneLA 790000 $120
9th Manzobaby Not Yet 790000 $120
10th BraveCorgi @BraveCorgi 790000 $120
11th Dompee @Dompee 785000 $70
12th Mjunks29 @Mjuncker 785000 $70
13th Allied33349 @Allied33349 775000 $70
14th Rockland @Rockland 775000 $70
15th Bolt4life @Bolt4life 775000 $70
16th Tcouch @timcouch4087 775000 $70
17th Mackattack69 @dtx1234 770000 $70
18th conocon @conocon 770000 $70
19th MattVidal7 @MVidal7 765000 $70
20th Mcgillacutty Not Yet 765000 $70
21st Ashaw Not Yet 765000 $70
22nd fail @Busterboi 760000 $70
23rd Bez_24 Not Yet 760000 $70
24th MMM @Mcdowem 755000 $70
25th GHSTeusterka @Lukegabryel 750000 $70
26th Dirtymoney Not Yet 745000 $30
27th cbuckley97 Not Yet 745000 $30
28th tglide426 @tglide426 745000 $30
29th Bwandin @bwelter 735000 $30
30th Chriscol1994 @chriscol1994 735000 $30
31st jam @jamjamjam 735000 $30
32nd Simple1234 Not Yet 735000 $30
33rd Drewskii Not Yet 730000 $30
34th Cwell410 @Cwell410 730000 $30
35th BigHustleP @BigHustleP 730000 $30
36th Zigzag125 Not Yet 725000 $30
37th DiggyD96 Not Yet 725000 $30
38th sadamsvzcc006 Not Yet 725000 $30
39th Straythefeature Not Yet 725000 $30
40th Ahyde1114 @Ahyde1114 720000 $30
41st ConnorW34 @ConnorW34 720000 $30
42nd d3d3 @Ddd333 720000 $30
43rd JPP373 @JPP373 720000 $30
44th Aggiecm Not Yet 715000 $30
45th Cdro1985 @Cdro1985 715000 $30
46th egrojfc14 Not Yet 715000 $30
47th smythguti @Smythguti 715000 $30
48th wheezer4 @wheezer4 705000 $30
49th BigMoneyMatt Not Yet 705000 $30
50th jfair Not Yet 700000 $30



@James_Bovada so you just pay random accounts that break records in the last hrs. I feel bad for second this week ( no i don’t ramdom acount again).no one stuck up for me because I know the people that play know that guy cheated are at least suspect it. You just opened it up big time. From someone thats top 5 everyweek to some random account just not only beating me but breaking the record makes sense. what this shows me is bovada is first are they dont have commen sense. I guess you can’t prove it though lol. Wonder where hongsoak is the last 2 week after making 2 grand yea sure someone just walks away from that. People are idiots. First place makes absolutely no sense to me you either have the same account winning are you have someone shitty winning. I mean I can be in the top all those weeks get the highest score every and still lose. First place is a carrot at least for me for some reason.

I mean bojor his first week ever playing 780000 in second then a person called faker 89500 1st I mean they must think you dont care at all. Does not take that much to look at patterns maybe 10 min. So if you do not give it to the 1st cheat then the brand new account gets it out if no where again it’s a shit show.

I am on the leaderboard on this thread for week 11 but I didn’t get anything in my account last week nor this week? Can @moderators check on this please? Should have been 48th place for $30. Thanks

@wheezer4 please check now your account has been updated for week 11, I do not see that you were in the top 50 for Week 10 though.

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Sooo they doing a million plus points in football runner game now :rofl: must be nice cause I’m pretty damn good in the game and haven’t gotten a board to run me over 800 yet… & Now the whole board is filled with these preposterous scores :thinking::sob::sob::sob:

Yes :joy::joy::joy: and they just filled the entire board up for the new week

Hacked just like the crypto mining game this sux

That is hilarious. Looks like they’re gonna ruin it for us legit folks.

Hey that guy in 1st csreaskii scored 7th in week 11, 1st in week 10, 7th in week 8, 5th in week 7, 1st in week 6, 34th in week 2, 19th in week 1. Does that means bovada’s been paying cheaters all this time?

Been tweaking your hacks each week @csr_123?

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What did I say He opened that shit wide open it was obvious the scores were fake buy a couple people. I tried to be blunt so it didn’t get like this you can take it as being a dick but now it sucks. He paid them obviously word got around I mean week 11 i am sure it just lined up like that. To me this is a easy fix remove them its obvious what scores are fake. Are bovada throwing the whole thing not to pay out the main prizes because it is weird it didn’t start to now (REALLY WEIRD) Just fix it instead of ignoring. A question you asks yourself why arent these people more scared of losing there account so like i said it just people making accounts which bovada should be able to tell are again its bovada. This is supposed to be a company paying out Hugh jackpots all day and your telling me people can get away with this shit no wonder you wre hacked. Just ban them teach them a lesson. I wont cheat because i dont want my account messed up. GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON AT BOVADA! Of course they been switching out first where do you think first place just dissappears to the bottom yunsik won he is not even good that one account last week where did he come from and I don’t want to call more people out but I am really really good first place is bull. Yeah watch out to in one of those accounts are in the football survivor pool of course the guy see all your picks. This is bovada throwing the competition! WHAT ARE THE HACKERS SO NICE THEY WAITED TO THE NEW WEEK LOL! I wouldn’want to pay week 18 out either because then they actually got to give real prizes without a Hugh rollover.Are is James just going to ignore everything and say there legit

Definitely unfortunate to see. I put in hours trying to get good at this game so I could take advantage of the rewards spent over 10 hours on the game just scraping 785k as my highest score. Been placing well every week until now a bunch of random names are above me. Same thing with crypto miner. My score was good enough to get top 50 but now with people 1 million+ definitely impossible

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I agree. Let’s just hope they fix it for both games. Was top five before the hacks started in cryto miner. This is so unfortunate.

That csreaskii is wild probably a bovada employee but still. I mean if it’s not bovada why have they never addressed the issue with crypto miner it does not make any sense. I am sure they love the confusion as it will stop them from having to give anything out. Waste of time!

I do believe without a doubt you’ve been cheated out of 1st place a couple of times they should give you a nice credit or something. It’s crazy a fun game like this for the community is being screwed over by hackers. The prizes have came in handy. & Any other players that have missed on 1st due to this bs should be credited too

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No telling when we’ll get the free spins for this week due to this bs

James, Do you mind commenting on the above pasts? Would be nice to hear from someone on this issue. Thanks

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Thank you Rockland finally a little support. Instead of people knowing when something not right we go agasit each other for speaking out. It’s probably to late as the competition now got runied plus as I did get cheated out of the money especially last week when i broke the record by alot then this random account comes in and beats me in the last hr and i dont even think he played this week as i could be wrong as i dont pay as close attention to it now. It happened a couple times. I bluntly told James there was stuff going on and was rudely ignored as he thought didn’t have a case. So now he pays low- life’s are themselves. I think it’s bovada as they are not able to control the outcome as much as they like I think they are trying to dump these competitions specially with week 18 coming up but yet there paying out hugh jackpots daily hell no wake up call for me they want more control WHY WOULD HAKERS WAIT to the next week to hack the comptation our they being nice. I mean look at the names guess who, rigged none of it makes sense people wouldnt even pick those names. obviously already had 1 with faker at 1st and a a brand new account in 2. I just don’t understand if you see someone dissappear after winning then a brand new name pops up to break records obviously something up. It’s free though so we should put up with it I guess they think. ITS NOT LIKE OUR TIME ISNT MONEY. I could of used that for the holidays as I am down thousands in the casino these past months but they don’t care. They are just going to sit on this it’s not like this isnt there biggest competition of the year BY FAR!

what are the prizes for this week? is it free spins? and what game?

What is this contest? And how do I play in future weeks?